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Ecommerce Marketing Tips

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The internet is a hub of networks that helps to keep users integrate through different platforms. That is how ecommerce (the buying and selling of goods online) came about. E-commerce makes it easier for both businesses and customers to make transactions; it eliminates the effort of transportation for the user and provides ease in buying of goods and services by making transactions directly from their own home. Millennials are depending more and more upon e-commerce, so this article contains a few ecommerce marketing tips to help businesses get started online.

Social media marketing is one form of ecommerce marketing. It is practically free as it only requires an internet connection. It may seem easy but the job should be done by an experienced social media manager. Firstly, it is very convenient for users if a business has set up a Facebook store. Especially for small businesses that have a limited amount of products, a Facebook store is easy to set up and sell goods. Larger businesses can always add a link to their website on their Facebook page so users can easily access it. Secondly, businesses should integrate Instagram, the fastest growing social media app worldwide that connects users, influencers and brands. Users these days are addicted to their phones, with statistics showing that Americans check their phones 80 times a day! If a business is active on social media, users are bound to discover it.

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of marketing to generate sales and increase customer loyalty, as shown by a 2015 study which stated that email contributed to 24% of revenue. Emails are more personal as compared to Facebook and Twitter posts. Moreover, they can provide more detail regarding a subject as well, so a business should focus on increasing email subscribers. Asking users to sign up for emails when they visit the company’s official website, sending out emails convincing users to subscribe, and giving out the company’s email address on billboards, ads, social media etc. are some of the ways to increase subscribers.

Ecommerce marketing tips regarding SMS marketing include, first and foremost, hiring a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team to get to know customers better. This helps in making messages more personalized and relevant to the target audience. The main purpose of SMS marketing is to maintain and increase customer loyalty, so a business should focus especially on their best clients. Sending out discounts and offers to them as a thank you for being long-term clients of the business is a good way to improve customer loyalty. Moreover, businesses should keep message language and grammar formal and professional. A personal touch should not be given through a language, but by making the customer feel special e.g. personalizing each message to the customer’s name. Lastly, cramming a message is not the best way to go either. Write a short, to the point message and add a hyperlink for any details the user may want to view. The reason behind SMS marketing’s popularity is the ability of users to read it quickly and easily, so businesses should keep in mind these ecommerce marketing tips to render their SMS campaigns effective.


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