E-commerce Marketing Ideas

E-commerce is the new big thing! Given the rising trend of online shopping worldwide, the e-commerce market has become busier than ever and is thought to take over 95% of the world’s overall purchases by 2040. 

The history of e-commerce is dated back to 1994, when the first online sale ever happened. 

A man sold a music CD by some famous band to his friend online via a website NetMarket, an American retail platform back then. 

Since then, e-commerce has evolved tremendously worldwide, making it easier to sell and purchase products through online websites and other platforms. 

Nobody knew shopping could be possible while lying on the bed even, thanks to the flourishing e-commerce world that has made the struggle so simple for us! 

Independent freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations have all benefited from e-commerce, which allows them to sell their goods and services at a scale that is not possible otherwise. 

As a result of globalization and easy access to the internet, the world has become interlinked and interdependent, which has contributed to the expansion of the e-commerce industry immensely. 

How effective e-commerce marketing can turn the tables for you? 

The current pandemic outbreak has undoubtedly favored the growth of the e-commerce industry worldwide, even more as a result of mobility restrictions on the people. 

Although the situation has begun to improve a bit, still the fear of stepping out is persistent, so most people prefer taking the route of online shopping. 

Over the past few years, the e-commerce graph has experienced considerable acclivity with global retail e-commerce sales touching $4trillion in 2020.

Establishing an online business is not a challenge, but sustaining one is.

However, the longer sustainability of all businesses demands effective marketing strategies that ensure more traffic on the stores generating revenues. 

You need to adopt unique and useful e-commerce marketing ideas for keeping the business from declining. Come up with one of a kind strategy that allows you to enjoy the perks that others don’t. 

Unique marketing ideas help in pulling more customers. People are attracted to unusual discount offers and deals, so make sure to apply ideas that make you look distinct among your competitors. 

The same strategies of conventional marketing can be applied to e-commerce marketing in a digital realm, as it allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of those who are willing to buy.

In this digital marketing era, Estores must utilize all the possible avenues to advertise their products for growing the business significantly. 

Advertising on different platforms will open the consumer up to a new world of purchase opportunities and will help them become familiar with your particular brand. 

All in all, e-commerce marketing is considered as a win-win situation.

Ecommerce marketers can use digital content, social media platforms, search engines, and email campaigns to attract visitors and promote purchases online. 

Let’s dive into the above mentioned e-commerce marketing ideas individually that you should implement to gain maximum results.

#1. E-Commerce SMS marketing:

E-Commerce SMS marketing is one of the most effective e-commerce marketing ideas because of its unprecedented potential to promote your business. 

It is a strategy that is adopted by both smaller and bigger businesses globally for reaching out to the customers significantly. 

Sending an SMS to your intended target audience is a relatively rewarding marketing channel when compared to many others. 

All it requires you is to choose your SMS platform and select the plan. Go for platforms like express text that offer cost-effective and suitable programs. 

You can also incorporate MMS messaging into your SMS marketing strategy. In addition to the text, MMS is capable of carrying visual content such as pictures, videos, etc. 

Since visual information is easier to process, MMS has a more significant impact on the audience as compared to the standard text message. Moreover, such texts are pleasing to the eyes also.

SMS marketing is undoubtedly an instant channel of communication for reaching out to the customers as 95% SMS are read and replied to within 3 minutes of being delivered. 

You can also add links to your social media pages, and a single tap will bring the customers to your online stores. 

World-known e-commerce retail websites like Amazon also employ SMS for reaching out to a larger number of consumers. 

#2. Establish your app:

In addition to the website and social media pages, you must also establish an app of your own. 

This will increase your potential customer’s access to you even more while keeping you competitive in the business market. 

Increase e-commerce sales by developing an app that can easily be downloaded in the phones that customers can browse and enjoy the shopping experience, virtually like a real one! 

Once they have the app downloaded on the phone, they will have a sense of greater handiness, knowing that they can instantly shop without having to open the website. 

All worldly known e-commerce businesses have apps of their own that run successfully worldwide, providing a much smoother experience to the consumers. 

Also, come up with ideas like new user gifts that are employed by e-commerce retailers like Alibaba and Aliexpress to achieve higher traffic in the app, leaving customers with a feeling of having the opportunity to enjoy an added incentive. 

#3. Create Sponsored posts on social media:

Today, all brands, publishers, contractors, and emerging businesses all launch pages on today’s most popular social networks to connect with their audience and post content that the audience is interested to see.

43% of the global shoppers research about the products on social networking sites before making the purchase. 

This simply stresses the need for your well managed social media pages. 

Creating one is very easy, but how to advertise it? Well, social media has its ways of allowing you to publicize your content there. 

You can simply make use of the sponsored posts to achieve that. 

Sponsored posts are the posts that you pay or to get substantial engagement from social media users. 

Well, for creating one, you need to have a social media blog/page of your brand in the first place. Once you have established it you can sponsor your posts to reach a broad spectrum of audience. 

Facebook allows you to turn the posts on your business page into an ad, meaning the post becomes visible to thousands of people out there, even to those who don’t follow you. 

It will appear on their feed as a sponsored post like an ad, resulting in higher engagement that will not come to you organically. 

You can easily boost your posts on Facebook directly or either through the ads manager. 

Facebook sponsored posts are pretty easy to set up and launch, whereas ads managers are a little tricky, but both are extremely beneficial tools for marketing. 

In the digital setting, these sponsored ads serve the purpose of the billboards. 

The exciting part about these sponsored posts is that you can select your target audience by setting up the demographics and other specifics. 

This maneuvering allows your potential audience to gain access to you. 

Moreover, you can promote your Instagram posts via Facebook, as well. 

If you have some Facebook advertising experience, head over to Facebook Ads Manager and set up a campaign with any campaign objective that makes sense for your boosted post goal.

We all are familiar with the power of social media, so using it as one of the e-commerce marketing ideas will bring about positive results! 

#4. Consider the role of social media influencers and collaborate with them:

Well, we all know what social media influencers are, so I won’t take you into that. 

As these social media stars are capable of influencing people out there owing to their vast following on social media platforms, they can be of good help in promoting your e-commerce business. 

Firstly, they can be a great and trustworthy source of information for the public that follows them. 

If you want your customers to know about your offerings/ products, you can get the task done by these influencers easily. 

Some of them are really apt at sharing information in a compelling manner that can direct more audience to your platform. 

Secondly, bloggers do have the ability to shape the opinion of the people. 

Go for a blogger whose content is relevant to the scope of your business’s product/service and has a significant impact on the public so that if he/she promotes your platform, people are driven to give it a try. 

For example, if your business deals in beauty products or cosmetics, you can get the job done through a famous beauty blogger on social media. 

People internalize a lot from social media personalities and trust them with their opinions.

So if a blogger reviews your product positively, it will trigger more people to purchase and use your products ultimately.  

#5. SEO and mobile devices optimization:

Optimize your website and social media posts for search engines like Google and Bing. 

Make sure to use trending hashtags and keywords in your posts so that you can easily be found by your customers.

Launch android and ios compatible apps for the users or you can also optimize your website for mobile users as most people prefer browsing on their phones for the sake of convenience. 

Optimize your pages for short, product-based keywords that include the name of the product. If you sell kidswear, for instance, a Google search for “kids clothing” is more likely to produce product pages like yours. 

Also, make sure that your page titles, headers, and images carry the right keywords so search engines can easily find your e-commerce store for the relevant query.

#6. Offer giveaways:

Come up with ideas that can engage your customers in a way that they are motivated to approach your brand. 

Offering giveaways occasionally can be one of the best e-commerce marketing ideas. 

Such kinds of activities evoke interest in people wanting them to come back for more! 

 #7. Make sure to provide excellent customer service:

Customer service is an integral chunk of a business, be it ecommerce or retail. Customer service can be a game-changer at times. If you manage to impress customers, you are paving the way for boosting your sales. 

If your customer reaches out to you with a query, make sure a representative gets to the customer instantly without having them to wait much. 

The faster you respond, the higher the chances for the customer to buy something adding to the revenues. 

Make sure your customer never turns away dissatisfied, so always strive to provide them with the best. 

#8. Maintain your blog/website well:

Your website/ blog should be well managed and updated regularly so that customers can see something new and exciting every-time they are visiting your platform. 

Write a relevant post with the pictures you post on your blog. Always make sure to put up high-quality professional photos that customers find aesthetically attractive. 

For example, Groupon, American e-commerce marketplace in Chicago, started back in 2008, reconstructed the concept of group discount in online shopping. 

It connects users to local businesses in one of 500 cities worldwide and has its Instagram page on point!  

#9. Email marketing:

E-mail marketing is a great way to reach out to current customers, sending them offers and promotions to keep them interested and loyal.

The opening rate for emails stands at 17.80%, which means that you can target a considerable part of your audience through emails as well. 

Regardless of the measure of the impact a particular channel of marketing has, you must give a try to all of them without a second thought. 

You never know which avenue can bring you your most loyal customer! 

#10. Pay per click advertisement:

Pay per click advertisement is an effective strategy. You can pay other websites to advertise your platform on their site, and they will get paid each time a customer clicks on your link.

This means that people can come to know about you while using other websites too. Well, isn’t that interesting? 


The world has witnessed a considerable uplift in the e-commerce industry over the past few years. 

E-commerce is more of a blessing for those who find it tedious and tiring to step out for making purchases. 

Also, with the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic, people seldomly step out unless it’s an urgency. Leisure shopping seems to have waned. 

So a large part of the population opts for online shopping, especially in the current circumstances. 

Furthermore, the convenience it offers is surreal. Some people have entirely shifted to online shopping, as it saves time and energy both! 

So all these factors call for practical and useful e-commerce marketing ideas for bolstering the industry even more!