Concert Marketing Ideas

The revenue in the Music Events sector is anticipated to reach US$7,754m in 2020, with an annual growth rate of 40.4%.

Given the rapid expansion of the industry, there is an equal need for robust marketing tactics to make most out of the event at hand! 

Creating awareness and hype about an event in advance is the only way to get the maximum number of people to show up. 

Event marketing is always challenging! The success of any event depends on how well promoted it is so this is where your role comes to the surface! 

Usually, people are looking for a pleasant escape from their hectic monotonous routines and events like concerts are certainly the best to cheer them up but it is not as easy to get them as it seems!

However, you don’t have to worry about promoting a concert coming up. Just implement the right concert marketing ideas and the rest shall follow! 

Your major task is to give people a compelling reason to come and attend the event. You can certainly do that by checking out concert marketing plan template or adhering to useful strategies! 

Here are a few effective concert marketing solutions you should consider if you have been assigned the task to promote a concert. 

#1. Create a concert specific website

It is important to have a dedicated platform that enables you to freely disseminate information about the events you need to promote. Well, if that’s the case then what better than having a specific concert website? 

It may sound daunting but you need to grab this tip right away!

Take a chunk out of your promotional budget and invest it to build a website. You can do it by using different tools or even seek help from some professionals! 

A website will serve as a hub for accumulating information and managing it effectively. 

Moreover, having an entire website aimed at effectively promoting the concert will make the process of connectivity much easier between you and your potential attendees. 

This will surely give attendees the opportunity to explore, get their questions answered, and have a deep insight into what can be expected from the event. 

However, you need to consider the information you are adding for the attendees to know. Come up with a well-constructed website. 

Ensure that the website has details about the venue, timing as well as an inspiring video to attract the people.

Furthermore, create a ‘why attend the concert’ section that must give a detailed list of perks to the people while giving them a convincing reason to attend. 

Also, add sponsorship information and a separate section where people can purchase tickets online! 

Convenience is something that everyone looks for, so providing an option for the online purchase of the ticket can be one of the best concert marketing ideas. 

#2. Employ all tools of digital marketing

If you are promoting a concert you would want to leverage all the digital marketing tools available, given their unmatchable and uncanny power to reach people. 

Create digital ads that display intriguing content relative to the concert.

Pick your color palette wisely and channel your inner creativity while developing the ad. Remember that you are competing with the entire social media’s paid content so you really need to stand out! 

Additionally, what you can do is establish social media exclusive pages on Facebook and Instagram for promoting the concert.  Don’t forget to target the right audiences your ad will appear in front of. 

It’s crucial to incorporate as many social media platform sharing options to encourage social media cross-pollination. Try this to find out how helpful it can be in facilitating your promotional campaign! 

#3. Create a unique hashtag

We are all well familiar with the hashtag culture on social media, especially Instagram. 

A post with at least one Instagram hashtag achieves  12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag. 

So it really is worth creating a unique hashtag strategy for your event if you want to grow your audience and capture their attention. 

Since hashtags are used for making the content easily discoverable, the correct hashtags can put you in front of your target audience, even if they haven’t connected with you before.

For example hashtags like concert night, music night, etc can be used! 

#4. Send out SMS to the people

Undoubtedly, SMS marketing can really help you reach your target audience at the drop of the hat! 

About 5 billion people globally send and receive text messages which makes it a preferred tool for business marketing. 

Thus, SMS marketing solutions can solve it all for you. 

Sending SMS is a pocket-friendly method of marketing with an incredible opening rate of 98%. 

With a minimum effort, you can gain the maximum results by sending SMS to millions of people out there, informing about the upcoming event! 

If you plan to employ this marketing strategy then remember to choose a reliable SMS provider for example express text can be a great SMS marketing partner for you! 

#5. Come up with a ticket giveaway campaign

It’s just basic old human nature that people are more attracted to what they can get for free. Hence, you can conduct a contest to give one or two tickets out for free to the people.

This tactic will intrigue many people while tempting them to be a part of the contest for winning a free ticket!

Create hype around the giveaway on social media and get more people interested! 

However, make sure to have some entry rules in the contest you can benefit from too. 

You can ask the people to share your social media post on their feed or Instagram story that will further reach more people ultimately! 

#6. Make sure to create an energetic vibe

Being an event promoter, you would want the energy of your event to be rightly in place. After all, a  concert is meant to be energetic and full of fun! 

Consider the audiences’ point of view, they’ve come to the concert to elevate their mood and enjoy themselves so make sure it is a worthwhile experience! 

Your stage area should be well-lit in a manner that gives a lively vibe. Knowing how to properly light a stage requires good technical expertise and a sprinkle of creativity that can be achieved by seeking help from the professionals. 

Cover up wires and scattered equipment to ensure nothing looks messy but well placed!

If you’ve chosen a high rise stage, make sure it’s wide so the audience remains enveloped. The sound has to be totally on point so pay special attention to that very much as the concert is all about it! 

#7. Use different platforms to boost ticket sales

As an event promoter, getting as many people at the concert has to be your top priority. 

You need to come up with clever strategies to boost up your ticket sales. But how do you achieve that?

Firstly, get the ticket price right neither too high nor too low. You need to make the calculation correctly to be able to set a suitable price that lets you enjoy profits at the same time too. 

Offer tiered pricing strategy that will allow you to sell tickets of different price categories in correspondence with facilities attendees will get at the concert. 

For example, you can make the drinks free for the most expensive tickets. 

Moreover, use tactics like discounts for early bird tickets to achieve maximum sales peak.  

Try to engage your attendees as a word of the mouth promotion tool can do wonders when it comes to marketing, meaning your existing attendees can be your marketers as well. 

Statistics reveal that 66% of the people come to attend events upon insistence from their friends! 

You can also sell tickets by using these top ticketing platforms for avoiding the last-minute stress of selling tickets! 

Another interesting idea you can incorporate into your marketing plan is to get ticket counters established at some of the most visited public places out there. 

For example, you can collaborate with a famous restaurant to sell concert tickets to its walking customers.

People coming to dine in could be intrigued to purchase them right away.

Such concert marketing ideas can take your ticket sales to another level! 

#8. Some people can be your great marketers

Like I said, word of the mouth promotion can be helpful so you must not underestimate the power of certain people who can do the job effectively for you. 

You need to rightly gauge which people can help you with this! 

If you can get the right people informed about your event, they’ll tell their friends, who may tell their own soon, words trickling down all over town! 

When your event goes off really well and I know it will, provided you are employing all these effective concert marketing ideas, make sure to capture all the fun. 

#9. Use ad retargeting

Ad retargeting is a strategy that pops up relevant ads in front of the people who had previously visited your event page on other websites.

This is a great method to recapture the attention of people who have shown interest in your event, but for some reason, got diverted from the process. 

All of this is accomplished through using cookies i.e. visitors on your site are tagged with a cookie that will then make other sites to display a retargeting ad.

#10. Event discovery sites 

Promote your event on other event promoting sites that are known to receive heavy trafficking. 

These event discovery sites are dedicated to promoting different events happening within the town and otherwise by sharing all the relevant information with the people out there. 

For example, eventful is a website that has updates about all the local events and concerts happening! 

#11. Fun posters

While you use all these brilliant concert marketing ideas, don’t forget to incorporate the use of print media into your marketing plan. 

Come up with bright colored fun posters and banners for the concert promotion that can be placed at different places, especially in the high traffic areas. 

Make sure that the theme of your poster must be in line with the event!

You can also distribute flyers and brochures to reach as many people as possible. 

Also, remember to carry them along when you are attending different events so you can hand them over to other people you meet in person as well.

#12. Use Instagram/Snapchat geo-filters 

Geo-filters are like digital stickers that represent your current location, meaning that if a particular place has a geo-filter for it, you can use it to share your location on social media posts and stories.

Instagram and Snapchat both tend to have these. On Instagram, if you tap on the sticker you are directed to that location’s Instagram page. 

You can put these filters on your social media stories to make them look interesting and a lot of people feel excited to do so! 

Consider it a trend that is all over social media and people love to follow them anyway. 

Since, people are addicted to using social media with about 500 million people using Instagram every day, creating a geo-filter for the concert location will get the audience more excited to attend and share photos with the location mentioned on them! 

However, if you want to create a business geo-filter for branding your concert you must have proper rights and permissions to do that. 


By now you should know how to market a concert event. Concert promotion may look like a glamorous and exciting job but it is never easy to achieve the desired results. Concert marketing jobs are not for the weak or timid.

The increasing trend in the marketing and advertisement sector has given rise to a greater need for competent event promoters who can turn events into a success. 

Although this profession comes with a lot of stress and pressure but an intelligent concert marketing plan can tackle it all. 

Thus, you need to make sure that you are applying correct concert marketing ideas to get the maximum number of attendees to show up!