Club Texting

club texting

It’s almost time to party BUT you want to fill the house with as many guests as possible! You think about advertising on print and radio but last month’s campaign didn’t work out really well.

So, you’re here to learn about other marketing strategies like club texting and how it can help you attract party goers to your event.

Here are some SMS marketing methods and practices for you!

  1. Audience segmentation

It’s a given that your customers come from diverse backgrounds and demographics. If you market your nightclub to working professionals, make sure to speak their language and create events that suit their needs or interests.

For example:

As working professionals don’t have much time to relax on weekends, you can organize a free-flowing drinks night to let them celebrate their small and big successes. Make it sound like they will have a rewarding experience even just for a night.

“Worked hard this week? Leave stress at work and enjoy a night of free-flowing drinks with your friends from 9PM to 12MN at XYZ Nightclub!”


  1. Create your VIP list

Don’t forget your VIPs and those who always get bottle service in your club. Ask for their permission to be added to your VIP contact list in exchange for exclusive deals and discount privileges.

Making this a part of your club texting  will definitely encourage them more to reserve VIP tables with you.

  1. Keep up with the late-comers by using club texting

Ever have a bunch of late-comers to your events? It’s okay. You don’t have to force them to come early but at least make an effort to reach out when they are most active.

Do they usually hang out at 10PM? Then, consider sending out a Mobile text alert that notifies them of your latest promos. Do this twice during the day of your event – one in the afternoon and the second a couple of hours before 10PM.

You can let them know about your contests, guest DJ, or any other deals that you can entice them with.

  1. Feedback and comment

Check the inbox within your sms marketing account to view sms text messages received from your customers. This is the fastest and cheapest way for them to send their concerns and reviews, which you can use as inspirations for improving your nightclub events.

Try all of these tips now and get results!

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