Church SMS Marketing: keep your congregation informed

church sms marketing

SMS and other messaging apps have led to a more integrated and interactive networking system which allows people to stay in touch with each other throughout their daily lives. SMS causes less interference and more convenience as compared to calls, which is the reason behind its growing popularity. This is why every community, be it business or personal, is using SMS as the main form of communication. This article focuses specifically on church SMS marketing.

Church SMS marketing is replacing old ways of marketing i.e. distributing newsletters, newspaper advertisements and putting out signs outside the church. It is especially useful for contacting members of the church or community. Some of these uses include:

  • Sending out reminders for church events, thus increasing attendance
  • Asking members to contribute to charitable causes
  • Informing and encouraging community members to opt for volunteer activities, thus increasing social engagement
  • Last minute changes in plans such as venue or timings can be communicated immediately
  • More environment-friendly as it saves trees and paper, as well as cost-efficient (EZ Texting)

Why is church SMS marketing more effective as opposed to traditional methods? Research shows that 98% of text messages are open and read within the first three minutes, and 91% of Americans keep their phones within reach at all times. This makes SMS a more direct and intimate form of marketing. It is convenient for both the sender and receiver.

Moving on to the actual process, sending out text messages is simple. The church management can sign up with an SMS marketing service (usually online and web-based). After making an account on this platform, the church can upload their subscribed list of contacts i.e. members of the church as well as the community. The third and last step is to write up a text and send it. Church members will most likely subscribe to the SMS service, whereas other non-members can be invited to join through websites, text to join campaigns, and other advertisement channels. The cost of this is quite low – and churches being non-profit organizations can easily afford to opt for this method of marketing. In fact, it reduces the costs of having to buy paper, ink, printing and the manual labor required to distribute newsletters.

The simple and effective method of church SMS marketing can reach more people at a much faster pace. Moreover, it is not limited just advertising. Messages can be personalized to each sender while sending out texts in bulk with one click. The church can also ask for customer feedback through SMS as well. Information can be collected for surveys and polls. Trumpia Blog states that churches around the country have begun to opt for SMS marketing. It is a method that has high user preference and helps to integrate the community. Communication has become much easier and convenient because of SMS channels. At this point in time, SMS marketing is rated the most effective method of marketing. The benefits of this are not only enjoyed by profit-oriented organizations in the retail industry, but also groups such as churches, little league, soccer clubs, schools and other organizations within a community.

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