Church Marketing

church marketing

Do you have so many members but no one is reacting to your church marketing? Or worse, have you been noticing that more and more have stopped going to your Sunday services lately?

While there could be many reasons behind these problems, one thing is for sure, you need to keep your members engaged now more than ever. Thus, you need to implement new marketing strategies to strengthen your connection with your church leaders and members.

So, how can SMS marketing help you achieve that?

Spreads your message across instantly

People cannot live without a mobile phone nowadays. So, just think of SMS text as your “instant messenger.”

Want to remind your members of the word of God electronically on a regular basis? Send out invitations across different parts of the community? Or even ask for donations?

SMS saves you the time and money it would take you to go out there and spread the word. What’s even better is that text messages are opened and read 82% of the time within 5 seconds!


Offers a two-way communication channel

If you make SMS a part of your church marketing, it will help you boost your ability to communicate with your members regularly or vice versa.

This is how SMS can work both ways:

One, you can send out mass SMS related to charity events, mass services, appointment reminders, sermon topics, live polls, Bible verses, or even prayer requests to keep your members invested in those things that you offer.

Two, they will be able to share their ideas or comments with you through text messaging to help you make any improvements in your church.

Gives people what they want exactly

Agility PR has reported that 9 out of 10 customers want to utilize instant messaging tools to communicate with brands. And the majority of these customers consist of Millennials and Gen X!

So, if you want to attract the younger generation to join your church, you’ll have a good chance of reaching them through SMS. It is exactly their preferred mode of communication, with 34% prefer traditional SMS, 31% WhatsApp, 20% Facebook, 5% LINE, 3% Snapchat and the rest prefer other messaging apps. (Agility PR, 2016)

 Giving people what they want is a good sign of being a great listener. This quality is important in trying to stay connected to your members and one of the driving forces behind any and all church marketing.