Business SMS Marketing: easily promote your products and services


Business SMS Marketing is used by businesses as a channel or medium to promote their products and services directly to users. It is quite similar to email marketing, through which a business sends out frequent emails about product updates, discounts etc. to their subscribed users. Business SMS marketing, however, has become more common nowadays due to the various advantages it has over email marketing.

Business SMS Marketing is the most effective form of marketing. Unlike any other channel, it is the most direct and time-saving method. With consumers checking their phones on an average of 47 times a day (according to Mobilexco), it is hard to miss out on a text. Moreover, according to, text messages have an open rate of 98% whereas emails only have a 20% open rate. This reason as well as the fact that almost half of emails sent are spam, the higher response rate of SMS (about 45%) as opposed to the almost non-existent 6% response rate of emails can be explained. With the increasing use of smartphones over the years, business SMS marketing is a more personal approach where users feel more comfortable to respond as well as read the text. There are 4.92 billion mobile users around the world, so this method of marketing is bound to increase a customer base.

Looking at the financial aspect of SMS marketing, the minimal costs are in favor of businesses. Issuing a keyword for an SMS marketing campaign costs roughly about $5-$25, depending on which country the service is being provided. A single text itself costs $0.01-$0.05 which means that companies can easily send out mass scale texts at minimum costs. The average cost of sending 10,000 texts would be just $250. This means that even small companies who do not have heavy financial resources backing them can also avail this service and reap the benefits.

Lastly, business SMS marketing is not just limited to sending out a mass text to multiple users simultaneously. With rapidly evolving technology, there are so many added features that companies can use when sending out promotional text messages. A strategy to make texts more personalized is to add each user’s name in each text. This feature is also available in email marketing, but due to the reasons listed above email marketing will soon become outdated with SMS taking its place. Secondly, as of recently, companies can add a hyperlink in a text message as well. Due to the 160 character limit (which is the case in some countries and on some platforms), it can be difficult to add all necessary information in the text so a link is perfect for those who want to view details about the product or offer being promoted. This way neither is the text too long and monotonous to read nor is it too short to comprehend.

The bottom line is, business SMS is a good investment to make, and when used properly, can be very beneficial.

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