Business Marketing Tips So Simple You’ll Wonder Why You Aren’t Doing It

business marketing tips

Business marketing has never been easier. With so many ways to reach your audience, one or the other is bound to work. So it is important that you are known to the best business marketing tips.

However, to do this, businesses need to understand their audience and know which channels are most effective for marketing. 

Here is the easiest business marketing tips that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy that guarantees success: 

#1. Know your audience

Know your audience

Source: Hancock Creative

If you truly know your audience, you’ll be able to better target your product towards them. 

To know your audience, get your Research & Development department to study the following: 

  • Demographics 

If you’re selling a tanning cream, you’ll be marketing it to females aged 18-40 that have fair skin. 

Why just this market segment? If you target your product towards everybody in the area, you’d likely be wasting your resources on users who have no need for your product. 

Thus, you need to target your product towards a specific group of people that can be motivated to buy your products or services. 

  • Psychographics 

Once you’ve established who your target audience is, delve deeper into their interests and hobbies. 

If you own a bookstore, your target audience is likely to be interested in creative bookmarks or author-signed copies. To better cater to them, you can invite authors to meet and greets or sell free bookmarks with every purchase. 

It is these small gestures that retain customers and put your business above competitors. 

But how do you incorporate these characteristics into your marketing strategy? 

Suppose you are a manufacturer of high-end sportswear and shoes in New York. You carry out research on your target audience through questionnaires. 

Majority of your customers live on the Upper East Side. They jog in Central Park and use personal cars and chauffeurs for their commute. 

Where will you place your billboard? On 22nd Street and Third Avenue, the most direct route by road between the two locations, because that is where your customers will pass by every day. 

If you didn’t carry out this research, you could have spent millions placing billboards and digital ads all over the city or in subway stations and still not render sufficient Return on Investment because your potential customers would never have seen them. 

#2. Incorporate automation into your marketing strategy

Incorporate automation into marketing strategy

Source: Endorsements Blog

Did you know that more than 90% of market leaders use market automation? 

Automation in the business industry is a blessing. Why burden yourself with work overload when your digital devices will do it for you? 

Whether its social media posts, mass text messages or emails, you can schedule everything right down to the second! You can interact with your customers and employees on a personalised level without having to make the effort. 

Take a look at some more benefits that market automation has to offer: 

  • As a business owner/manager, you no longer have to hire multiple employees to send out Christmas greetings or birthday wishes to employees. A single employee can schedule texts and emails to be sent out at a specific date and time. 
  • Your messages can be personalised to each sender. With SMS platforms like ExpressText, each text addresses the recipient by their name, thus making them feel more valued 
  • Automation allows for flexible working hours and better efficiency. Market automation drives sales up to 14.5% on average and a 12.2% reduction in overhead costs. 
  • Since social media traffic is highest during evening and night hours, your employees can schedule posts to be uploaded then and head home, instead of being stuck at work. 

However, you need to create the perfect balance between automation and personalization. 

Many consumers believe that automation is impersonal. They feel more valued when they are dealt with by customer representatives instead of bots. 

The perfect solution to this is using both. If your customer representatives are not available to deal with queries immediately, you can turn on the automated reply feature on social media apps. 

This way, customer representatives can deal with in-depth problems, thus leading to an efficient management system. 

chatbot image

Source: Chatbot Tutorial 

#3. Create instructional videos

Creating instructional videos

Source: Chapman Blogs

To sway customers towards your brand, you need to provide them with something more than just the core product. 

A unique offering is what separates your business from others. This could be an added accessory, an after-sales service or an instructional video. 

Videos are part of infographics, which is a great way to engage users. Take a look at a few of the many benefits that instructional videos will bring to your business:

  • 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television (Google) 
  • Mobile video consumption rises by 100% each year 
  • 92% of users watching mobile videos will share it with others 
  • Videos make employee training more effective, reduce costs by 40% and drive consistency 

Source: Biteable Blog

These statistics are proof that videos are the best way to interact with their customers and even employees. 

When videos are posted to help customers use products or services, they will be more willing to buy them because the business is creating ease of use. 

Makeup bloggers often post reviews of eye palettes and other makeup products by creating looks. When customers see the final look and they like it, it indefinitely increases the chances of them buying the product. 

#4. Get ad promo credits 

Small businesses cannot afford to catch their customers’ eye through huge billboards and massive ad campaigns. 

Luckily, social media has made life much easier. Not only can you market your brand at a very low cost, apps like Facebook also offer discounts and coupons if you have enough ad credits. 

To make sure that your social media advertising strategy is effective, you need to choose the right platforms. 

If you’re targetting millennials, it’s likely that they only use Instagram and Snapchat. 

For the age group above 40, you need to market your ads on Facebook. Here’s how your social media ad will pop up in your chosen audience’s newsfeed: 

facebook news feed

Source: Wordstream

Knowing who and where to target will save you a hefty amount of money and provide good Return on Investment.

#5. Join Reddit 

Reddit, also known as the front page of the internet, is a social news platform that allows users to discuss and vote on content that other users have submitted. 

The platform protects itself from spammers so its content remains authentic. 

However, you’d be surprised to know Reddit doesn’t want you selling your products or services to its users! But then how can you use it to your advantage? 

The platform has eight billion page views every month, sitting at the seventh most-visited site on the internet. Use this to build a strong, positive brand image instead of trying to sell your products. 

People visit Reddit for two primary reasons: 

  • To find helpful information
  • To get entertaining content 

If you spend time helping people and giving them what they want, they’ll end up liking your business; thus, you will succeed in creating a good reputation for yourself through effective brand marketing

reddit popularity

Source: Neil Patel Blog

#6. Repurpose old content

Since today’s world is ever-changing, you need to keep updating everything – from your website to your marketing strategy and your content. 

Instead of creating new content all the time, revamp old content. 

visibility tips

Source: Pinterest

Turn a collection of blog posts into an e-book, a webinar into a video tutorial and so on. 

It’s possible that a lot of your viewers and customers have never even seen your old content, so you’re putting in less effort and giving them new content! 

#7. Boost your SEO

This comes in handy especially for online businesses that want to create a presence on the web. 

If your website isn’t Search Engine Optimised, it won’t rank higher in search results and that means you aren’t visible to potential customers. 

These business marketing tips will help you boost your SEO effectively:

  • Make sure your internal link structure works

Internal links establish a hierarchy on your site, allowing you to give the most important pages and posts more link value than other, less valuable, pages. Hence, using the right internal linking strategy can boost your SEO! 

  • Generate backlinks 

Get high-authority blogs and well-known personalities to promote your website and share your website’s link. 

Google tends to rank websites with a higher amount of backlinks at the top of search results. 

google trends ranking factor

Source: Neil Patel 

  • Boost your conversion rate 

If you have a high bounce rate i.e. visitors leave your site within seconds of opening it, you have a problem on your hands. 

Your goal should be to ensure that maximum customers make a purchase before they leave your site, thus leading to a higher conversion rate. To do this, you need to provide your website visitors with overall good user experience. 

But what’s a good conversion rate? In most industries, a good conversion rate averages from between 5-10%, or even higher. 

You’d be surprised at the minimal changes that can boost the conversion rate of your website. Take a look at Wordstream’s guide to learn more

#8. Introduce a customer referral program

When you go over the top for your customers, they’ll automatically refer your brand to others. Remember, word of mouth (WOM) is an extremely strong marketing tactic if you use it to your advantage: 

word of mouth marketing

Source: Invesp

To achieve positive WOM, introduce a customer referral program. Send your loyal customers free products, coupons or rewards in exchange for referring new customers: 

customer referral program

Take a look at these referral program examples and the strategies that you can learn from them. 

#9. Apply for business awards

How do awards help your business? They’re a great way to build trust with your customers! 

Most industries offer business awards. If you win one, you can place the badge online on your website; thus, deeming your business credible. 

Credibility will automatically make your customers trust your brand which eventually leads to increased sales. 

Moreover, you can use your award to make industry connections. Find quality suppliers or collaborate with the best brands in the industry. 

#10. Update your data frequently 

data cleansing

Did you know that 72% of companies believe that data issues impact quality customer trust and perception? 

If you don’t clean your data frequently, you’ll be losing out on loyal customers! 

The concept is simple. Successful marketing relies on data-driven decision making. If your data is inaccurate, your decisions won’t be any better. 

Suppose you send out promotional text messages to your potential customer base. However, you’re not keeping a tab on the results of your campaign and it turns out many of the numbers are no longer in use. 

You’re not only wasting time and money by relying on old information, but you may also be losing out on customers who are not receiving updates, offers and discounts from your business.

Make sure your marketing strategy is as targeted and on-point as possible. 

You should be cleaning data as frequently as 30 days to ensure that it is accurate and reliable. 


These business marketing tips are so easy that even amateurs can use them to help build a business. They come at a minimal cost, and your business can benefit from them greatly. 

If you have a small firm, incorporate all these into your strategy and see how they revolutionize your business!