Bulk Text – sending out through a bulk text message service

bulk text

Bulk text refers to sending out a text from a bulk text message service to multiple users at the same time. Thanks to modern-day technology, bulk texts can be sent within minutes to a large number of users easily. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and retail brands for a number of reasons including entertainment, events and mobile marketing.

The process of bulk text is fairly easy. Many online web-based SMS providers offer the service, along with many added features. Bulk text is so simple that at one time it was practically free. Unfortunately, due to its misuse by frauds and spammers sending out irrelevant and inappropriate text messages to people, SMS software providers blocked free services.

Luckily, bulk text services are still quite cheap. Moreover, websites offer a feature that allows businesses to send texts in most countries of the world, which can prove to be quite useful for multinational companies.  Texts can be sent to users with any SMS provider and also, web-based platforms provide free Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM allows a business to interact with its clients e.g. responding to questions that they may have or offer customer support in general.

The uses of bulk text are numerous. Unconsciously, the world is becoming heavily dependent on text messaging between business and consumers. Banks send out an SMS to the user if there is any account activity, most applications send confirmation codes through SMS while setting up an account and also when the account is logged into an unrecognized device. Government organizations and NGOs send out to texts to urge users to send in donations for a specific cause or spread awareness about an issue. Retail brands use it for marketing and update e.g. the opening of a new outlet. When you come to think of it, SMS is a major form of communication between all kinds of people and it is hard to imagine a world without it.

The benefits that bulk text reaps are also immeasurable. Clikcatell.com has listed 10 inspiring messaging stats that show why a business should use text messaging for marketing and other purposes. Firstly, it is 10 times more effective than any other form of advertising or communication. This is because 96% of users own a smartphone. This means a higher Return on Investment and a better response rate e.g. if a brand has a flash sale for 24 hours and they advertise it through text, their chances of getting more customers that day is much higher. Secondly, 80% of customers are waiting for their favourite brands to text them. This is all the more reason for a business to opt for this method and is also the reason why SMS has higher engagement rates. Furthermore, the average person looks at their phone an astounding 150 times a day, which explains the high open rates of 98%. All this leads to a higher chance of effectiveness if a business chooses bulk text over other forms of communication.

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