How to send Bulk SMS

how to send bulk sms

Helpful Bulk SMS tips and features

Bulk SMS has never been this convenient with apps and an SMS marketing platform. If you ever wondered how to send bulk SMS, you will find the answers in this post.

  • Invite all of your subscribed customers to your grand opening
  • Inform your subscribed customers about specials events
  • Give away coupons and discounts via a text message

With Bulk SMS, you can send out a single text message to all of your subscribers.

You can easily reach out to those who matter to you or your business for a price you can afford. Here’s what you can expect from a text blast software that lets you send SMS.

How to Send Bulk SMS – Create your text message and schedule your text for delivery. Make sure to include an opt-out message or unsubscribe option in your text message as required by the law.

Contact list – Once you’ve uploaded a list of subscribers, organize them into groups. Add, edit and delete contacts as necessary.

Unsubscribe list – Those who opted to no longer receive alerts from you should automatically go to the unsubscribe list. You can then remove them completely and you can add more users to the list manually.

Reports – Track all text messages you deliver daily so you can see how much success you’re getting from your marketing efforts. A report can include details about delivery status, cost per text message, date delivered, response rate, and so on.

Templates – You can create templates and save them for future SMS marketing campaigns. Some providers offer help creating templates for free.

If you want to get the hang of SMS marketing, take advantage of the free trials on offer and select what’s best for your business.