Bulk SMS Service: 4 simple uses for online retailers


Bulk SMS service has been tested and proven to yield higher ROIs for retailers. It has a 98% open rate compared to email’s 22% due to the fact that people these days prefer text messaging as a communication channel.

If you want to get your word out there in the most convenient way possible, here’s how you can use bulk SMS in your business.

Order confirmation notification

An order confirmation and delivery notification message may contain a summary of the products bought. This will also give your customers a peace of mind knowing that their transactions were successful.

Delivery status

No customer would want to remain clueless about the status of their orders. Some are even willing to file a leave of absence at work just to wait for the package to arrive, if they don’t have someone else to receive it.

This makes delivery notification systems like bulk SMS service an important part of any retail shops, especially online-based ones. Notify them upon the day the product is shipped out to the day of delivery.

Send latest offers

SMS is a great way to reach out to specific customer groups of your business. For example, you can text message new customers about the 10% discount on their next purchase. Other ways you can use SMS include:

  • Send an exclusive sale day invitation to VIPs
  • Send customized deal packages for regulars
  • Notify everybody in your contact list about your online exclusives
  • Announce free shipping day
  • Introduce your newest lineup of brands or products
Run SMS surveys

Bulk SMS service is one of the cheapest tools to run surveys or get customer feedback. Knowing that their opinions matter to you will help you build a deeper customer trust and loyalty.

In conclusion, SMS marketing has multiple uses that can increase your audience reach, brand awareness, and customer engagement. You can create text messages that sound personal, immediate, and user-friendly, and thus making it a great addition to any marketing strategy.