Brand Awareness – Build It With These 25 Effective Tips In 2019

brand awareness

Small businesses often skimp on marketing in an attempt to save resources, but the truth is, consistent brand awareness increases revenue up to 23%! Here are a few branding tips for all kinds of businesses which won’t cost you much but are guaranteed to be effective:

#1. Make sure your online profiles are Search Engine Optimized

SEO White hat

Source: Branched Roots

When you search for something, do you even scroll past the first few links? I rarely do. That is why, as a business, you need to make sure your web page ranks the highest on search engines. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Create a blog and use frequently searched keywords in your content
  • Make sure your website uses proper headings so that Google bots can decipher what your content is about
  • Have high authority blogs and websites share your web page links
  • Use online tools like Jaaxy to help you gain a competitive edge

Learn more about SEO.

#2. Make use of infographics

Plain text is just not as eye-catching as visuals. Since infographics are a good way to get viewers’ attention, you’re likely to get a lot of shares, thus leading to increased brand awareness.

42% of marketers have reported that infographics are the most engaging form of visuals. This is an example of how Wordstream generated revenue by using infographics:


#4. Create a presence on social media

Want to know the best way to go viral? Create a trending hashtag. The more shares it gets, the more people will get to know your brand. Here’s an example:


Source: Metricool

These are some of the most trending hashtags by rank, but the idea is to create a unique hashtag so that people associate it with your business and thus, become aware of it.

#5. Go for branded packaging

Going out of the way to deliver your products in beautiful packaging not only makes customers appreciate your brand, but it also leads to great customer reviews and social media re-posts. In fact, high-end brands like Louboutin are known for their packaging because it creates a lasting impression on the purchaser. Here’s a video of one happy Instagrammar after a Louboutin purchase:

#6. Partner with Influencers

This is perhaps the oldest trick in the book. Nothing will get you more awareness and purchases than a celebrity endorsing your brand. Not only can you pay influencers to sell your brand in ads, but you can also send them products or coupons to avail your services. In turn, the influencer can post a positive review about your brand.

Here’s Emma Watson (our favourite childhood crush and role model) promoting sustainable fashion:

Emma Watson

Source: TreeHugger

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#7. Get referrals

There’s two ways to do this:

  • Ask your customers to refer your brand to friends and family in exchange for an incentive. Dropbox will give you free 500 GB of storage for every friend you refer (up to 16 GB).
  • Partner with other local businesses. Ask them to refer your brand in exchange for referring theirs.

#8. Give out freebies, discounts and promotions

If you let customers try out your product, either of the two will happen: they will start using it or they will refer it to a friend or family member who needs it. The same goes for discounts and promotions. If a customer is getting 1 product free with 1 purchase, they might just buy your product even if they didn’t plan to! Existing customers will most likely stock up, thus generating revenue for your business.

RedBull gives out free energy drinks at events to its target audience, thus increasing brand awareness.


Source: RedBull Jobs

#9: Social media contests

This one is a customer favourite! Who doesn’t want free gifts and coupons in exchange for minimal effort? Huda Beauty is a great example. The UAE blogger turned billionaire frequently hosts a worldwide giveaway of ALL her brand’s current collection and followers go absolutely crazy. A contest will open up your brand to thousands of fan followers.

brand awareness hudabeauty

Source: Instagram

#10. Customer-generated content

Again, there’s two things you can do here:

  •  Repost customer reviews – statistics show that customers read an average of 10 reviews before they begin to trust a brand
  • Tell stories – there’s nothing viewers love more than a good story. GoodLife Fitness is an example of how businesses can create a meaningful connection with their customers by telling stories. The fitness brand launched an ad where real people of all shapes and sizes told what makes them feel sexy, strong and smart:

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#11. Create a unique brand identity

If you accidentally cut yourself, do you look for a bandage or a Band-Aid? If you’re crying, do you ask for a Kleenex or tissue? These are just some examples of brands that have created such a strong name for themselves that they’re the only thing people think of when in need.

An easy way to make people remember you is through humour. Here’s something that’ll make you remember Prada for a while:

#12. Incorporate pay-per-click advertising into your marketing strategy

Google has reported that search ads increase brand awareness by 80%! Google and Facebook are the best platforms to position your ads on, among other platforms.

Google Image

Learn more about how PPC works.

#13. Paid social media ads

There are 3 billion users on social media every single day. Let that sink in. Thus, It only makes sense that social media ads are an effective way to boost awareness. To ensure that your ads reach the right target market, use built in features to specify the demographics that you wish to target. Keep your ads short and to the point so that viewers don’t lose interest.

disruptive advertising

Source: Disruptive Advertising

#14. List your business on Yelp

Yelp is a platform where you’ll find user reviews and recommendations for restaurants, fashion and practically anything in the retail industry. Since the platform has over 142 million reviews, it is a trusted site and can be used as a great way to build a positive image of your brand.

#15. Take advantage of Upworthy

If you want your content to go viral, Upworthy is the place to go. All you need to do is come up with creative headlines. Since the platform has millions of users, it’s a great way to create awareness fast.

#16. Hire Qualaroo

If you feel like your business website needs to provide better user experience, you can always use Qualaroo. It’s a pop up service that collects user feedback to improve experience, and ultimately, increases your website’s conversion rate.

#17. Daily Social Posting

It’s a good idea to hire a social media manager, whose task is not only to respond to customer queries but also to post regularly. The more you post, the higher the likelihood of gaining more followers.

Here’s a guide on how to create engaging content that is likely to boost followers.

#18. Interactive content

The internet is a blessing for businesses. It allows them to use creative features that are engaging for consumers. The TV series Black Mirror is the perfect example of how the producers created an episode in which viewers could choose what they watched next. They were given 10 seconds to select 1 out of two options, directing the rest of the story accordingly.

Netflix image

Source: MacRumours 

#19. Specific audience

Rather than focusing your efforts on all the people in a specific area or a group, narrow down your target audience to your most loyal followers. Focus on the following consumers:

  • Your website followers
  • Those who read company announcements
  • Customers who intend to purchase

This target group is the most likely to bring in revenue so focusing your strategy on them will prove to be highly effective.

#20. Search result re-targeting

We’ve all been targets of social re-marketing at some point. When you open a website without completing a purchase, companies will target an ad of that very product towards you the next time you open any website. This is a clever marketing tactic used to motivate consumers into buying products that they view or abandon in their carts. Here’s an example:

brand awareness re-marketing adds

Source: Blue Corona

Software Advice reports that 70% of consumers who are retargeted are likely to convert into buyers!

#21. Controversy

While this is a risky technique, it can be very useful in some cases. Making a controversial statement on an issue (whether positive or negative) can bring a lot of attention towards your business. In fact, all publicity is considered to be good publicity by marketers!

#22. Guest posting

Making friends in the industry will pay off. Reach out to reputable blogs that allow guest posters and post your content so that more and more followers get to know your brand.

Here’s Neil Patel’s guide to guest posting effectively.

#23. Host an event

Phone companies like Samsung are known for their festive launch events. Hosting an event will get the word out far and wide, which comes in handy especially for newly established businesses. If you’re launching a new cafe or bakery, gather local citizens and host an opening night event to create awareness for your brand!

galaxy event

Source: Tech Radar

#24. Free trials

If customers love one thing – it’s free stuff! App developers and software companies can make use of this feature and benefit from it greatly. Since most users don’t have extensive knowledge of the tech industry, a free trial will help them get the know-how of the software and thus, be more willing to purchase the paid version. Grammarly is a grammar, plagiarism and spell check software that offers a free version of its app and amazing premium deals:


#25. SMS Marketing

Statistics show that 75% of consumers wish to receive messages from brands via text. SMS is one of the most affordable digital marketing channels with a high Return on Investment. Run an SMS campaign with platforms like ExpressText to create awareness while spending a minimal amount of resources.

Click here to learn more about the 10 best SMS Marketing statistics.


These are only a few of the million ways to create brand awareness. Branding is not a difficult task. All it requires is a professional marketing team that can create an effective branding strategy. The most important thing to remember is that branding should be a crucial part of any business’s marketing strategy, because a loyal customer is worth 10 TIMES more than a single purchase. The resources invested in branding will reap great benefits for a business in the long run.