Best Text Message Marketing Makes Reaching Customers Easy

Text Message Marketing

Any business that is able to make enough revenue or can increase its revenue has its strategy and strategist to praise. A great strategy to implement that can complement your existing strategy is text message marketing. To have an increment in revenue, all of the following are important factors that must be considered, because they contribute to increased business revenue and they are:

  • Business strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Studies on consumer behavior

All these factors working together can increase business revenue.

The Best Text message marketing is a method of marketing that businesses have used as of late to increase their revenue. It has allowed businesses to reach more subscribed customers about products and services quickly + directly on their mobile devices compared to other traditional marketing tools.

Due to the increased number of smartphone users in recent years and that it has also received the highest open rate in recent years as compared to other platforms, the best text message marketing campaigns has been able to pull enough attention to itself. According to a mini-research carried out, a conclusion was made that people check their phones for an average of 90 times a day. Further studies on that proved that at least, 80% of these millennials check their mobile phones immediately they wake up. They have evolved to make it a part of their daily lives and they cannot just help but check their phones to see the latest update or notifications on it. It might be promotional texts or personal messages that they have received as SMS.

Many businesses in recent years have considered the use of text messages marketing to strategize as a brand and have been able to reach out to more audiences. Unlike emails, you can be more rest assured that, through the use of text messaging marketing, you are not only reaching an increased number of users but you are also reaching them with more effectiveness than emails. This effectiveness is explained in terms of the great amount of spammed messages received on mails which is very different or reduced to the barest minimum via text messages. However, you can be smarter about this and prevent more spammed messages by allowing the expertise of ExpressText to handle your text messaging marketing. With the experiences that they have gathered over the years, you can rest assured that there would be great increase in revenue for your business.

Why through text messages and not the internet?

The fact remains that many people who have email accounts receive email and sit back to ignore most of them. Things are much worse for places facing bad internet. However, in a developing country like India with more population of mobile phones and growth rate of the use of the internet, messages are still different because, with them, you can get to the remotest of locations. This makes the brands more visible and the awareness level is greatly increased. Also, another very important fact is that with text messages, you will be able to reach a larger audience more directly unlike any other platform. A business expert who has benefitted from text message marketing in his business explained how the use of messages appears like you are reaching your customers face to face because you are sure they will go through the text. This assures you of a direct increment in your business revenue.

Important strategies that will help increase revenue for a business

There are basic strategies that text messaging marketing employ to increase revenue for the business. For this cause, there are five basic strategies to examine.

You must be able to identify your target audience

This is an almost important fact for any business because what matters most in Any business is acceptability. A product can sell more than the other because it is more acceptable. However, the acceptability is not something strange, it only implies that there must be a target audience. From the audience, you would be able to know what the content of your service would be with them. With ExpressText, acceptability is not negotiable. This is because ExpressText has gathered the needed experience over the years and have been able to deliver the best of services. Once you have been able to identify your target audience, you must be able to determine what their want is. Once you have determined this too, you can then go ahead and create a text messaging marketing campaign based on what you have figured out to be the want of the consumer. Also, there are many factors to consider before concluding on what could be the want of the consumer. These include Gender, Age, Demographics, Consumer’s view on the product, and Occupation.

Personalized reach:

There is a new dimension for businesses to communicate with their customers. This was designed and created by cloud telephony providers. You can plan a text messaging marketing strategy by ensuring you work with ExpressText so that you can rest your back and be sure that they will handle your business in a seamless way. As a business, you must be able to provide a personal touch to your message. This could be a customized message. For example, you can know the name of your customers such that instead of using the generic approach of “dear customer”, you can use something like “dear Jack”. This makes the customer feel special and it is not just a brand that does not care. This also makes the customer see it that as a brand, you can go extra length so as to ensure that you have their trust. Also, whenever as a brand you send customer’s coupons, offers, or promotions on their phones as a text message, they will have the impression that the text message is personal to them alone. This engages more activity and responses from the customers.

Creative content

Bulk SMS has been proven to be an economical option for any kind of business you want to think about. The challenge, however, can be said to arise when each business has an eye to increase the revenue through the same channel of marketing and to reach many customers. Imagine you have so many brands with many attempts to try to reach customers inbox, you need to start to concern your business with how one can step up his brand and make it stand out from another. For your information in case you have not paid enough attention to it, messages have a character limitation of 160 characters for each message you want to send. In the same light, there is an option of multi-language which gives you about half of those characters. Though Cloud telephony providers like ExpressText offer message concatenation which amounts to about 4000 characters at one go, there is the confidence and assurance that at least, 90% of the text messages sent will be read within the first 3 minutes of sending typically. So one can conclude and submit that, the use of lengthy messages is not an advisable step. Any business that is particular about growth will see the need to modify the content according to the target audience. However, such a business will yet remain creative in the content sent because that is what makes them stand out from the rest of the others. The use of tough grammars, very high sounding and complex words and not straightforward expressions is not a go area. This is because it would only result in more confusion and leave the customers with more questions than answers. This is consequential on businesses because they may end up losing customers and obviously, money too. This means the best approach anyone who wants to increase revenue in business should keep the content simple and creative.

Exclusive offers

Something peculiar about customers for every business is that they are always on the lookout for good offers. This makes it highly necessary to keep in mind that it will be no point or have any worth sending irrelevant offers to customers. With the small yet effective window available through text marketing, it is important to grab customer’s attention by sending exclusive offers. There is a need for these offers to have multiple uses in terms of whether they are doing online shopping from a website or the person is using an app or is visiting your physical store location. Also, assuming that these people are your previous customers who have not made a purchase for quite some time. You can send them an exclusive coupon via text message which will allow you to be able to easily retarget audience. The end result of this is that it will increase business revenue.

Use advanced platforms where necessary and when needed:

There are many advanced platforms that are provided by Cloud telephony providers such as ExpressText. This is a way to reach customers in a hassle-free manner. The advanced platforms reduce manual efforts and they regulate processes that may want to consume time. This they do by letting the platform trigger millions of messages in one single day. One thing about these platforms is that not only do Cloud messaging platforms assure successful delivery of messages, but the platforms are very friendly to users. This gives them complete control of the businesses on how they want to handle their campaigns. The presence of a secure, flexible platform with assured reliable delivery of messages in milliseconds has allowed many businesses to see the cloud-based messaging platforms as their best shot. These cloud-based messaging platforms provide intelligent analytics. It also provides real-time data on the following:

  • The number of messages sent
  • The geolocation
  •  The mobile number of customer
  • The details like browser used to open
  • The timestamp of the message
  • The necessary message logs that come on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

This is to promote transparency in handling business communication efficiently.

As a business, you must know that you also have the freedom to access any or all information from anywhere across the world since all the information is stored on Cloud. Asides that, the information are stored in a secure manner. This makes you able to access them easily keeping in mind that you are not to violate customer privacy.

Cloud messaging platforms provided by ExpressText currently deliver not less than Billions of messages on a monthly basis through their properly secure platform. The multi-language support given by ExpressText also allows many businesses to be able to communicate in many languages to anyone across the globe. This makes the messages reach the customers in their preferred language. There is no fear of network congestion because ExpressText has optimized routing. Very important too is the fact that messaging platforms also regularly check actively for the best possible available routes to deliver messages swiftly.

ExpressText adds more power to a business’s prompt communication. This makes businesses able to go about and make strategic plans on their SMS marketing campaign in such a manner that it is very timely. The essence of this is to make sure that the businesses are able to get to as many target audience as one would have desired in seconds. This will not only get more customers but also increases business revenue through successful text message marketing. ExpressText has wonderful messaging a platform that suits business communication requirements of different businesses from all sizes since it has its platform as that which allows scalability and gives it a quick set-up which is to ensure that the businesses can start sending messages in no time. There are many businesses that have benefitted from the services of ExpressText in terms of increment in revenue. The greater advantage that comes with ExpressText is that the prices are cheap and way affordable for all kinds of business. Contact us today and be assured of an increment in revenue for your business.

What are the best text marketing services in 2020?

Express Text offers some of the most options and features, flexible pricing tiers, and great customer support to help you get started with bulk SMS messaging to get more customers for your business.

How do you find the best text marketing services for your business?

That depends on your business, but the best platforms offer a wide variety of features and pricing options to meet the demands of any business, no matter your industry, niche, or customer base.

Which are the best text marketing services on a budget?

Services like Express Text offer a free pricing tier for the lowest budget, with limited keywords and phone number lists, for businesses who are just getting started with SMS messaging and want to try it out at no cost or long-term commitment.

What are the benefits of using the best text marketing services over the cheapest?

There are lots of bulk text services that will offer you a low price, but not all of them have the most features, customizable options, and great customer support offered by Express Text.