Bar Promotion ideas: Tips You can Implement Today for Your Bar

bar promotion ideas

Running a bar can be overwhelming but to run it without a marketing manager or promoter to handle the bar and night club promotions can make it more difficult. That is why having bar promotion ideas to promote a bar can drive more foot traffic to your bar which can lead to more sales.

There are many fun bar promotion ideas to help you get the best result. Not only will it help you last longer in the business, but it can also help you build a bigger pool of patrons that make the job even more satisfying and financially rewarding.

So what else can you do to serve your customers better?

Listen to customer suggestions to stay unique and relevant

You probably have a diverse customer base, so it makes sense to offer something unique to each group depending on their own preferences. You can run a survey to learn more about the services that they wish you had or better yet think of something that they won’t find somewhere else then run bar promotions to get people to know about it.

Promote your bar online

One of the most important bar promotion ideas in this digital age is bar online marketing and it’s a very effective strategy to reach new customers who probably don’t know you exist. April bar promotions will bring you new customers during the spring break.

If you live in a touristy area, many tourists are likely to search for bars to have a drink using key terms like “bars in [name of city]” or “best cocktails in town”. If you’re not on any search engine result pages, then you’re missing out on a lot of business opportunities.

You can start out by creating a social media page and putting your bar on online directory sites like Yelp, Google Business,, etc.

Add Pay-Per-View Events

Customers go to bars for different reasons. Apart from being a meeting place, bars are also a great venue to watch major sporting events with a bigger crowd and unlimited beer.

Consider hosting various Pay-Per-View events to expand your services and attract new customers. You can hire a promoter to help with bar promotion for football season. Such event can be financially beneficial for both parties.

Announce your drink specials and special PPV events with a text blast

People usually have different plans for the weekend or holidays and sometimes it may be hard to convince otherwise, unless of course, you have got something better to offer. You; announcing a deal or giving out free tokens is a great summer bar promotions idea that’s hard to ignore. The fastest way to achieve this by sending a text blast to customers in your subscribed contact list.

For example:

“Come over to C-Bar this August 18th to receive special VIP treatment, plus 10% discount on your drinks! To confirm your reservation, send RYZZWK to 545454”

“Stop by C-Bar this Saturday to watch Mcgregor VS Mayweather Live on PPV, plus 10% discount on your drinks! Show this text for FREE entry before 12am”

With these bar promotion ideas, you will worry less about getting more customers weekly and making them stay. It’s also important to have fun switching things up from time-to-time, so be creative.

How to promote a bar on Facebook?

Promoting your bar on Facebook is one of the best bar promotion ideas for 2021. You can do this by sharing free tickets on your Facebook page, posting photos of people having a good time at your bar, full menu, and updates on the latest event at your bar.

How do you attract customers with bar promotion ideas?

Once you have an idea for promoting your bar or nightclub, you can use any of a number of great methods for reaching customers: fliers or posters, TV & radio ads, email marketing, online ads, or mass text messaging.

What are good bar promotion ideas to keep customers coming?

Happy Hour promotions are a classic, but don’t forget to advertise the other aspects of your bar, especially customer favorites. Whether that’s the outdoor patio, pool tables, unique atmosphere or location, or talented bartenders, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Are there any great bar promotion ideas besides happy hour?

Every bar in the world has a happy hour, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t announce yours. Make sure customers know when it is, but also make sure they know about different specials, like Ladies’ Night, Two-for-one Tuesdays, Trivia Night or Sunday mimosas.

What’s the best way to use bar promotion ideas for my nightclub?

While traditional marketing methods like print ads, TV & radio, email or online ads are all great ways to reach customers, consider using SMS messaging to complement your other campaigns. Text messages go straight to customer mobile devices, are often read right away, and have a very high response rate.