Automatic Text Messaging

automatic text messaging

Text Message marketing has changed the game of marketing for businesses. With a whopping opening rate of 98%, text messages have become the most convenient and immediate mode of communication. Businesses that know how to set automatic text messages have noticed a significant increase in their sales.

Marketing campaigns featuring Automatic text messaging have turned out to be quite successful for companies and businesses. So much so, 75% of the consumers prefer receiving text messages from their brands to know about promotions and offers.

Source: Salesforce

The image above shows that 31% of people prefer to receive text messages rather than phone calls. So businesses should opt for something that customers choose like an app that sends text messages automatically rather than something that does not attract them.

What is automatic text messaging?

The concept of mass text messaging is fairly simple for both old and new businesses in the market. You send the same text message to hundreds of your opted in customers with just one click, making it easier to promote and market your business. Automatic text messaging is also a similar procedure but it requires customers to text in to a short code using mobile keywords in the body of the message. Once the customer texts the mobile keyword into the short code the customer can receive an automatic text message reply. The auto text reply can be created and saved within your texting platform.

Source: Express Text

When beginning your marketing campaign with the help of mass text messaging, the first thing you need to do is ask your customers if they are comfortable with receiving text messages from you. Looking at statistics, it is unlikely that they will say no.

However, there are instances where businesses do not always ask consumers but after gathering their details, send them promotions and offers through automatic text message system.

There are many who might be confused about the concept of automated text messages but there is no rocket science involved in the whole process. This technique makes marketing with bulk SMS more fun and creative for businesses.

You can add your own touch to the messages and make it unique for customers or you can simply stick to similar automated messages. App for sending text messages automatically makes marketing with mass text messaging fun.  

How to use automated mass text messaging

A survey conducted showed that 60% of people liked receiving text messages from brands that had no commercial approach such as birthday messages or reminders. To really make an impression on your customers, you do not just need to send out marketing messages.

Here are some ways you can use automated mass text messages to attract the attention of people:

  • Mass text message alerts: The most common use of scheduled text messages for businesses is that they can be used to send out alerts to customers. If you are putting up a sale for a short time period, you can schedule automatic text messages. Also, online stores can send automatic text message reminders to customers who have forgotten to checkout. This would be the perfect way to alert consumers.

It is much more convenient and easier to send out mass text alerts to people to bring something to their notice. You just need a contact list to select the number of people then you send automatic text messages.

Source: Text Request

  • Welcome text messages: Whenever a new customer hands over their details to receive text messages, you can send them a welcome message automatically. All you need to do is make sure that you set up automated text messages for new users.

These welcoming messages are a gesture of creating a relationship with customers which also makes them feel special. Moreover, this shows consumers that you are aware of who is a new customer and who is an old one.

Source: Spark Conejo

As the image shows, approximately 82% of people tend to open and read their text messages when they receive them. This shows what a reliable method text messaging is to get your message across to customers.

  • Autoresponder messages: Another way to use automated text messages is to send automatic replies to customers when they send texts. For instance, when a customer texts with a query or any other message, you can send them an autoreply to let them know that you have received their message.

Moreover, if you send out mass text messages to people to text back a code to avail of a certain offer, an automatic reply will be sent to them that their reply has been received. Many businesses tend to use keywords to initiate such auto-replies so they do not have to manually keep track of when to send a message.

The image above is just an example of how autoresponder text messages work. In fact, they are a better way of targeting your audience and attracting them towards your brand.

When you are aiming for a larger audience, why not use a technique that really works.

  • Scheduling text messages: Automatic text messaging is most commonly used for sending out scheduled text messages to customers. Businesses have the option to choose whether they want to send a text message now or later. For the latter option, they can schedule a date and time for the message to be sent out.

It is one of the most used features of mass text messaging where companies can schedule reminders for customers, send event invites and so much more. This feature is completely in control of the business that can set who and when to send out scheduled messages to.

Source: Lifehacker

  • Create personalized text messages: Whether you send out mass text messages or individual ones, it is important to keep an engaging tone with your clients. When you develop a personal bond with your customers, that is when you attract them more towards your business.

Similarly, you can add a personal touch to your scheduled and automatic text messages by adding the names of the customers before sending the rest of the text or greeting them by their first name.

You can also send automatic birthday text messages to your clients. Customers want to feel special when a business approaches them and this is the most convenient method of doing so without spending a large amount of money. This way you are bound to get more attention from people and increase your sales rapidly.

Source: Bulk SMS

 Benefits of using automated text messaging

When setting up automatic text messaging for your business, you obviously need to keep in mind the benefits it holds. It is not just about the costs but many other elements come into consideration as well.

While managing a business you obviously do not have the time to look at each and every aspect of your work. There are some things that you want to run automatically.

Marketing is one such variable in your business that you want to be automated and automatic text messages help you by lessening your burden. Once you schedule your messages, you can look at other important business areas while letting your service provider promote your business with the use of automated messages.

When you are looking to contact a large audience with a small budget and time constraint, automated text messages are a great resource to guide you properly. All you need is a reliable service provider through which you can make sure that all your messages are sent on time and are secure.

While remaining connected with your clients, you can focus on other parts of your organization that require attention as well.

Source: Tatango

The image above shows that 89% of businesses end up preferring text message marketing for themselves.

Time is key in a business and you need to save and utilize it as much as you can. With the help of automated text messages, you can save both your time and money.

You have the option of selecting your audience and the number of text messages you want to send. This way you can cut down on your costs by categorizing your customers that you need the messages to be sent to.

Scheduling your messages makes you a reliable source of communication since timed messages for reminders and alerts show customers that they can rely on you. You can choose the perfect time to send automatic daily text messages to customers and make sure that they receive it at that time with the help of automated text messages.

Setting up automatic text messages for your business keeps you on track and your work organized. By scheduling messages you can organize all your work beforehand and have an up to date calendar for a year or a few months.

Moreover, once you schedule and phrase a text message for customers, you can reuse it or follow the same structure for future use. This makes your work much easier and streamlined.

You can use your text message marketing method to engage other marketing channels as well and automated text messages help you achieve that with ease. Sending out subscription messages to a large number of people is quite convenient when you can automatically send them without selecting clients.

Adding links to your webpage and social media page in text messages also attracts clients and triggers them to open and follow these pages. Doing so, you can connect your marketing methods and make sure that customers are up to date with all new information and promotions.

Source: Alignable

Let us not forget how easy it is to send automatic text messages online, especially automatic text messages. All you need is a number to send your messages through which can either be a long code or a short code.

Apart from this, choose a strong marketing team and a consistent service providing company that can ensure reliability for your business. Automatic text message for business is a valuable tool for marketing.


Automated text messaging is another layer of text message marketing for businesses which makes it easier for both consumers and companies to communicate with each other. Using the services of a provider, it becomes easier and convenient to send multiple automatic messages to people with one simple click or no click at all.

You can schedule your messages to be sent to your contacts at a certain time or you can choose to send automated replies to people who send in certain keywords to the shortcode or long code used by the business.

Mass text messaging is gaining attention in the marketing arena because of the benefits attached to it. Just alone in the United States, 68% of the population has a smartphone in use so think about the number of people using it globally.

Most importantly, you do not even need a smartphone to send or receive text messages, you just need an active cell phone. Text messages can be sent to people without the use of an internet connection.

No matter where you are, you can receive a text message and respond to it without relying on the need for the internet. This factor plays a huge role in making text message marketing such a success for businesses in today’s time.

Most importantly, mass text messages are known for low costs attached to them. When compared to other marketing techniques available for businesses to promote themselves, text message marketing is one of the cheapest.

Source: Tatango

As you can see, the image shows a comparison between the costs of sending emails and text messages. Text messages are cost-effective since it only costs $0.08 or 8 cents to send a single text message with approximately the same cost attached to opening it. Depending on your budget, you can start your text message campaign with a limited number of contacts using a free automatic text message sender.

If you send mass text messages, the price of sending messages drops. Furthermore, when you choose to send automatic text messages to customers, you end up saving both your time and money. After all, time is money. Learn more about how you can get started sending text messages for your business with the leader in text message marketing Express Text.

What is automatic text messaging?

Text message automation is the automatic sending or triggering of text messages to individuals or groups of people with little or no manual intervention.

How do I set up automatic text messaging?

You can use a service like Express Text to set up automated messages to send out to specific customers or lists you specify at a scheduled day or time or based on certain conditions.

Why should I use automatic text messaging for my business?

Mass SMS messaging has very high read and response rates compared to other forms of marketing, with 98% of text marketing messages being opened and read by customers within 3 minutes of receipt.

How do you get started with automatic text messaging?

After you’ve collected some customer phone numbers, set up marketing messages with your short code (also known as a keyword) on the Express Text platform, specify when you want the message to go out, and send the text. It’s that easy!