AI Artificial Intelligence: the fast emerging technology of the future

ai artificial intelligence

Gone are the days when AI Artificial Intelligence was a subject of many speculative fiction stories. It has now become one of the fast-emerging technologies that can be utilized by various industries like digital marketing.

From chatbots, voice search, automation, augmented reality to data analytics, artificial intelligence has been a great use for automating different marketing processes. And as we know, there are processes that if done manually can take a long time, and sometimes, may be destroyed by human error.

AI is a very useful tool to assist digital marketers with getting clear answers to important questions that will shape their entire communications strategy. So, here are some other ways artificial intelligence will empower marketers.

Predictive technology

Your sales and marketing teams will no longer have to make different forecasting. Artificial intelligence is designed to have access to large amounts of data across different channels for various reasons.

One, AI can help you analyze the right target market based on customers’ past behaviors. Two, it can “read” through the countless amount of data till it comes up with a data-backed sales prediction.

Advertising made easy

Social media sites like Facebook also use AI to help brands promote their products or services to the right people. For example, your ads will only show up on a user’s timeline if he has previously liked or visited brands similar to you.


Interact with your customers without having the need to sit in front of a computer screen. For example, if you have a car rental business, you can create a chatbot feature to assist your customers.

Better online security

The Internet is not perfect. There will always be fraudsters, trolls and malware programs that threaten the privacy safety and reputation of ordinary users and brands alike.

But with ai artificial intelligence, the tracking and monitoring of any suspicious activities can be detected instantly.

AI makes the user experience a lot smoother and easier whether as a consumer or a digital marketer. This technology will continue to grow and become more powerful that makes it a smart long-term investment.