9 Mobile Marketing Benefits

benefits of mobile marketing

9 Mobile Marketing Benefits Guaranteed To Significantly Enhance Business Operations

Cost-effectiveness is that all-important catch-phrase that business owners everywhere pay close attention to. Marketing to new customers typically requires more energy and treasure than does pitching sales to an established and loyal customer. Either way, the opportunity to decrease overhead should be studied and pursued regardless of who the target audience is. Enter Mobile Marketing and learn some mobile marketing benefits; this method of advertising and interacting with potential and current customers offers a wealth of beneficial characteristics that rival, if not exceed, any other method of advertising, digital or traditional.

  • No Time Lag
    Mobile is trendy, it’s efficient and it’s RIGHT NOW! Campaigns that run through mobile are easily developed and managed and its ultimate benefit… it is immediate; messages are delivered within moments of being sent. Email marketing is not even in the same ballpark of competition.
  • Economical
    Forget about postage; drop the idea of printing an advertisement and doing this through the airwaves is not even close to being as affordable. Prices are already reasonably priced, seeing as how each text is minuscule in cost, and as your traffic volume increases, cost per message will actually decrease.
  • Highest Response Rate
    The rate averages about 15%, meaning that of all marketing texts sent, about 15% of them are replied to or lead to interest or an actual sale. This is huge compared to the near 3% response rate of direct mail for advertising.
  • Customized
    Advertising text campaigns can be targeted to specific demographics in society. They can be tailored to focus on current customers and/or customers that are deemed to have an interest in a specific product your business may produce. Mobile has the flexible capability to be very specific or diverse depending on how you choose to market yourself.
  • Broad Reach
    Since so many people are attached to their mobile devices these days, they can be reached on a whim. There is no need to focus solely on advertising through mediums that depend on stationary customers. They don’t need to be home watching TV to see your ad; they don’t need to be in their cars listening to radio advertisements. They can be literally anywhere and your message will reach them, provided they have their mobile devices with them.
  • Mobile Interactivity
    Other methods of digital advertising can also claim to engage customers to complete some sort of task or perform a call to action. Even newspaper clippings can get people involved; fill out a form, complete a survey and mail something in. Sure, other methods encourage interactivity, but can they do it on the go? Mobile marketing encourages mobile interactivity. In fact, that is where mobile marketing shines brightest; it is so extremely convenient.
  • Measurability
    Metrics can be obtained through downloads, visits, opt-in and a host of other customer actions that are driven by mobile messaging. If an SMS message broadcasts a link or other interactive instructions, the web pages to where customers are directed can be monitored. Statistics can be tracked and compiled and used to help a business make informed and intelligent decisions on future marketing campaigns.
  • Newness Factor
    Mobile marketing is still a relatively new phenomenon. A large percentage of potential customers have not even seen such capability. The newness of it all alone drives curiosity and causes many customers to just want to “try it”. Once they try it and see how easy and convenient all this is, true believers and disciples of mobile’s utility will multiply exponentially.
  • Going Viral
    Sending messages to a large database of customer numbers is about one of the simplest things a mobile marketer can do. Once the message reaches the targets, the chances of these people FORWARDING the message is significant. We are talking exponential dissemination and if the message is of real value, be it monetarily or entertainment value, there is no limit to how far-reaching a properly managed mobile marketing campaign will travel.

Take these 9 mobile marketing benefits and write them in a simple column. Next, make another column or three and label them, “RADIO/TV”, “EMAIL” or “PRINT MEDIA”. Now, and this is hard, try to come up with the same number of benefits that each method provides. Go one better, and compare any benefits you can think of with mobile marketing statistics and benefits we just spoke of. If you are honest about it, see if those comparisons are even remotely close with mobile. If you can’t do it, shouldn’t that tell you to take a serious look at SMS?

What is the meaning of mobile marketing benefits?

Mobile marketing benefits are the advantages of text message marketing that a business or organization can leverage to reach customers faster, easier, and cheaper than many other marketing channels.

What are the top mobile marketing benefits?

Top benefits include no time lag between starting a campaign and reaching customers, fast read time (98% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes), high response rate compared to other channels, and much more.

How can I use mobile marketing benefits for my business?

You can get very creative with text marketing, but some great examples include exclusive offers or coupons for SMS recipients, letting customers know about special sales or events, or increasing outreach to a wider customer base.

How do you get started with mobile marketing benefits?

Getting started is easy! Just contact Express Text and sign up for a free trial, or check the website to find out more about how SMS marketing can help your business.