6 Fundamental Mobile Marketing Strategies

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6 Fundamental Mobile Marketing Strategies

Turn off the TV, put down the newspaper and embrace the new media of advertising. Print media is still a viable path through which to advertise but the soon-to-be coroneted king is digital with its new benchmark centered directly on mobile marketing. Embracing mobile as a significant source of advertising information is kind of being thrust upon us. The funny thing about that statement is that the general public has no qualms with acceptance. In fact, due to our love affair with mobile devices, we have taken to mobile marketing strategies with extreme enthusiasm.

Since there is no stopping this juggernaut, it is only logical to get aboard, master the system and make it work for your business. Mastery implies, at least, a thorough understanding and efficient implementation of the fundamentals. Complex and technical mobile marketing campaigns as well as substantial business growth cannot occur without such building blocks.

  • Create A Mobile Website
    Optimized web sites that can be accessed by a feature phone or smartphone are useable, but often will be intolerable to the user. The page just does not fit the screen and requires a lot of sliding and moving content around just to see what is on the page. Exclusively formatted mobile websites will dispense with that problem and leave the user with a much easier and pleasant experience.
  • Texting Has Grown Up
    Texting popularity can pretty much be attributed to children. By forcing parents to become text savvy, mobile phone use has led to the oft used lexicon “multitasking” and has allowed communications to flow in a time-critical manner. What started off as the pathway best suited to reach kids has evolved into a tool marketers use to simultaneously interact with all customers almost in real time.
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Social Media Connects
    People are absolutely addicted to the social media sites these days. This is emphasized by the fact that many are turning to browser based phones, whether they be feature or smart phones, to access their favorite social media sites. Intertwining mobile and social is not only a nicely paired match, it is critical for marketers to implement both into any planned advertising campaign.
  • Match Your Mobile Advertising To What Is On Your Shelves
    People increasingly use mobile to comparison shop. If what you are selling does not match up well with what the web is saying about a similar product, customers will leave items in place and lost business is guaranteed to follow. Your products must, at least, match up well with, or exceed expectations of, like products on mobile comparison pages. Invest the time and energy necessary to nurture favorable comparisons when a shopper conducts a mobile search of your goods.
  • Invest In Search Services
    Search features are the holy grail of mobile. Customers MUST be able to find you. That means inclusion on related search pages like Google Maps, Yelp or a host of others. Make it easy to find you; don’t assume that your goods/services are so exceptional that people will move mountains to find you. If your business neglects locating itself properly, be it a physical location or through shoddy directions, customers will neglect seriously searching for it.
  • Focus On Applications
    Smartphones and other mobile computing devices have led to an avalanche of applications, or apps, usage. There is a sizeable glut of these smaller, proprietary programs but their popularity is undeniable. It can be hard to break out of this mountain of code and develop something truly unique and functional especially since free apps get most of the attention. However, always keep an eye out for ways to create your own business app but only if the perceived Return on Investment is worth it. There is no need to waste cash developing something just because the “Jones’” do it, especially if there are no solid metrics indicating it is a viable idea. Test, measure and test again until the figures justify such an investment.

Realize, understand and integrate these basic truths into your mobile marketing strategies and you will have a rock solid foundation on which to build a lasting legacy.

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