5 SMS marketing branding ideas

sms marketing branding ideas

SMS Marketing Branding Ideas: 5 helpful tips and ideas

There are few limits as to how a business may promote their existence and quality of purpose in this digital age. SMS Marketing has kicked the digital door open and caused a mad rush of businesses looking to promote themselves through this medium. However, simply advertising through mobile and SMS marketing branding, in particular, requires a bit of care and forethought if you plan to market your brand and make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some additional ideas that should be in your mobile marketing toolbox.

  • Instant Updates/Notifications/Reminders
    It is a wise plan to always keep your customers in your loop. Notify them when important details change or if they need to personally take care of a pending issue. Even if they are missing out on a deal your business feels is of importance, send out an instant notification to get their attention on the matter. For example, if a customer has a phone cell phone service and has a monthly allowance of 250MB of data transfer if they are nowhere close to this quota or perhaps about to go over it, send a message stating emphatically where they are for the month. Let them know they may have much more they can do, or, to be careful of incurring additional charges if they go over their contract limits.
  • Encourage Visitation Of Brick & Mortar Establishments
    People like to do their shopping and comparison research online in ever-increasing numbers. However, most businesses still have physical structures and they need customers to physically visit them. Offer point-of-sale discounts meant to bring bodies inside and off their home computer. Encourage customers to make a purchase in store and join mailing lists by offering mobile discounts. Offer something like a 15% off discount on their next in-store purchase if they sign up (opt-in) for your SMS marketing lists.
  • Offer Presale Discounts To Strongly Advertise A Product Launch
    Discounts are typically great for enticing people to make purchases and give them a strong incentive to repeat the action. Making this a recurring feature of business operations is a fantastic way to build a loyal following with lots of repeat customers. Taken another way, presale discounts can also help spread the word about your new product(s). Discounts will get customer attention even before the first advertisement is sent out. Going a bit further with this, if you set up recurring discounts to happen at a given time of the week or month, customers will begin to anticipate an upcoming deal and actively await its arrival without being prodded to do so. Of course, if you do implement this sort of presale discount plan, it could not hurt to still send out reminders, just in case the interested customer forgot that it was coming. A gentle nudge from time to time can be more effective than a trumpet blast from the mountaintop!
  • Information And Videos
    Make customers aware that any brand information they desire about your company can be had with a simple SMS request. Allow people to request a brochure or product fact sheet via SMS. Set up a Shortcode  that will allow them to receive the specific information they want depending on the code sent through SMS. Give customers choice about what they care to see and don’t just throw a pile of irrelevant flyers and pages at them. Allow them to pick and choose what they are interested in. This will solidify your brand as unobtrusive and respectful of customer wants and needs.
  • Always Provide A Feedback Channel
    If you want to improve or change your business for the better, you had best listen to what customers tell you. Provide a path to gain customer feedback. Provide short questions that customers can easily answer through SMS. Do not make it complex or lengthy. Think about more than just yes/no answers and if practical, include a section where the customer can write out their thoughts to you if they wish. Choices and options; these are the lifeblood of any healthy market economy.

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