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What is SMS?

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What is SMS?: how do you get started?

Nowadays, if you want to spread your latest promos fast, you should send out mass text messages to your subscribers. It helps you reach your customers fast and easy.

No wonder big brands start seeing the potential of SMS marketing as one of the drivers for business growth. Non-profit organizations use it to attract and retain donors, retail giants are able to send order updates in a timely manner, and so on.

So, you ask, “what is SMS? and what’s in it for me?”.


How to get started

SMS Short Message Service marketing is a permission-based technique to spread marketing messages.

One has to agree to receive such messages from you before you can add them to your contact list.

You can use a keyword like your brand name to allow people to join your list and ask them to send it to a short code.

“To receive promo alerts, type JOIN and send it to 123456.”



Create an auto-reply message to acknowledge receipt of subscription. You must also include an option for recipients to unsubscribe from your contact list anytime.

“You are now subscribed to receive alerts from XYZ. To unsubscribe, type STOP and send it to 1234.”


Keep customers engaged and interested

Keep your word. These customers have joined your list because they want to receive whatever it is that you promised them to receive regularly.

Whether it’s a discount code, exclusive sale alert, product launch invite, or an update, make it happen. This will not only keep them engaged with your brand, but also build customer loyalty in the long run.


Schedule and automate the delivery of your text messages

Yes, like email and social media, you can automate the delivery of your text messages. Set a content plan for the whole month and have each post scheduled through your chosen web SMS.

Make sure to send out relevant SMS text in regular intervals depending on how many times in a week do your customers prefer to receive alerts.


Measure your success

Use your web SMS analytics feature to track your campaigns and measure the results against your established metrics.

You can see how well each of your text messages performed, based on the open rate, click-through-rate and conversion rate made.

Lastly, go over your strategy again and make adjustments as necessary.



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