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text message marketing for business

Text Message Marketing for Business

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Business Text Message Marketing

Are you curious why marketers have been talking about text message marketing for business like it’s the missing piece to their puzzle?

Well, it’s no secret that the rise of mobile devices has made communicating with each other a lot easier and faster. All people have to do is compose a short message and hit send. There’s no need for crafty subject lines and wordy texts that can take up a lot of time to create, only to end up in your recipients’ “trash bin”.

So, what better way to reach out to customers than to text message them? Without further ado, here are some more reasons why text message marketing is so effective.


Easy to use

Who doesn’t use a mobile phone nowadays? SMS has no steep learning curve, more so text message marketing.

After setting your goals and KPIs, simply choose a platform where you can send and receive SMS, build a contact list, and track your campaign. What’s also good about text message marketing is that you are only limited to 160 characters per text message.

So, you’ll have to be direct to the point and make each word count. And you’ll probably have an easier time trying to create a content plan for SMS than you would with email and social media.


Scalable and immediate

No matter the size of your business, you will find the right SMS package plan for you. You may even opt to upgrade it at a later date whenever necessary.

You can even use SMS to boost your other marketing efforts like mobile ad, social media, and email. For example, if your email campaigns don’t give much positive results as far as redemption rate is concerned, your customers probably don’t check their email too often.

Where else can you reach them, fast?

Create a short text message promoting your latest product and the deal attached to it.

“Have first dibs on our newest product at 10% off. Enter [PRODUCT NAME] to avail of this discount until 5/30 only! Visit [URL] to redeem offer now.”


High open rate

You don’t even have to worry about whether your customers will open and read your SMS or not, because they will and they do. Studies have shown that SMS has a 98% open rate in comparison to email’s less than 30%.

Cheap and accessible, text message marketing for business is an effective tool that you can use to send promotional content, not to mention interact with customers wherever, whenever.


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