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Text Message Alerts: tips on how you can use it

In modern times technology has carved out a very important niche for itself. Everyone uses some form of technology but perhaps the most common of all is the cell phone. Cohesively, the most common form of data service used is associated with cell phones – text message alerts. Most businesses have incorporated modern technology into the way they conduct themselves. In 2018, many businesses turned to text message marketing, which offers a number of services one of which is text message alerts.

Text message alerts is a branch of mobile marketing also known as SMS marketing. This service consists of sending a text message to its recipients to inform them of something such as coupons, event information, grand openings, a lockdown, deteriorating weather condition or server failures.

On average, nearly 20 billion text messages are being sent around the world every day. 98% of all sent messages are opened while 95% of received messages are read within 3 minutes of them being sent. Text messages have higher open rates when compared to email and are the preferred medium of communication for most people. Furthermore, the cost that is incurred by bulk messaging is one-tenth the price of phone calls. In addition, 91% of the US population owns a cell phone and keeps it within their reach around the clock, 24/7. This means that using SMS marketing services to send text message alerts are bound to be successful.

Moreover, there are additional benefits that come with using these services. For one, a text reminder will enable you to schedule texts and repeat deliveries for the future. Thus, communication is controlled on your own time, and it is automatic, which means you are free to do something else and can knock something else off your to-do list. It also lessens the chances of miscommunication or missed messages. This is useful for emergency situations, where it is extremely important that everyone gets the message. Furthermore, the service also allows you to utilize messages that have been pre-created. These services allow you to think ahead and have templates, which can cater to every possible scenario. Therefore, when a situation arises you save time and simply have to send the message instead of crafting one on the spot.

Text message alerts can be used in a number of situations. It can be used for public safety warnings in case of natural disasters or unorthodox security situations. Text marketing services allow you to update the public about the situation at hand in a time efficient manner, it can also be used in case of service disruptions for example road closure, plane delays or equipment failures. It can also be used for IT notifications in a situation where the server has failed or is down. Overall text message alerts is effective for time-sensitive messages and it’s affordable, don’t hesitate to give it a try.


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