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SMS Alert: 4 uses for business teams and employees

An SMS alert for business can help you communicate with your employees better. You will find it especially useful during critical situations that require urgent meetings or a run to the nearest emergency exit.

So if having an SMS alert for business would benefit you greatly, here are some more ideas on how you can use it.


Safety alert

Bad weather can happen anytime. One way to keep your employees safe is by letting them know of office closings and weather updates ahead of time. This way, they will no longer need to drop by the office to hear your announcement.


Company news & updates

Text messaging is an efficient way to send updates that contain sensitive information to specific groups of people in your company. You can easily make announcements whether you’re on desktop or mobile.


Internet downtime alert

That’s such terrible news for your IT department, but it’s much better to have control of the situation by alerting them immediately. Make sure to send updates as the situation improves.


Event planning

Do you often hold urgent meetings or host events regularly? Collecting everybody that you want in the room can take some effort and time. But it’s 2018; people are just one text away these days.

Plus, a group text message for your organizers can make the planning process faster and the execution better. They don’t have to meet physically every time there’s something they need to talk about unless necessary.

In a nutshell, an SMS alert for business is a web based texting platform where an administrator can create outgoing alerts and respond to incoming messages at the same time. More importantly, it provides a convenient internal point of contact for employees in need of help immediately, reducing the risk of danger they are in.


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