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SMS Messages – Improve Quality

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Improve the Quality of Your SMS Messages SMS marketing can be a long tedious process and adding some spice to your sms messages is always a good idea. Imagine your customers receiving the same SMS messages theme over and over again; how’s that for an exciting experience? It can’t always be about implementing campaigns for the […]


Marketing Trends 2018

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Chatbots, Live Stories and other Marketing Trends that will Rock your 2018 Ready to ditch some marketing trends that didn’t work in your marketing campaign last year? If so, here are the 5 newest trends to watch out for in 2018.   1. Content is still King Are your media properties valuable and relevant enough […]


Getting started with internet marketing

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If you’re new to internet marketing, getting started can be confusing with so many things to read and remember. But you’re creative and you love the idea of sharing valuable content with your target customers. So, there’s no stopping you but think for a second. You can’t just go into this with eyes closed. You […]


5 Retail Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

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Retail business owners wear so many hats that make it difficult for them to stay on track of their marketing goals. On cold, hard days, paying as much attention to your marketing efforts as you need to can be a pain. So, if you’re anything like a well-rounded retailer, it’s about time to seek some […]


Low-Cost SMB Marketing Ideas

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Low-Cost SMB Marketing Ideas That Will Make You a Better Marketer Ever wanted to be on top of your SMB Marketing game but couldn’t get it right? Budget constraints could be one reason, but tell you what, you don’t need a big ad spend to ace your marketing goals this year! Here are some budget-friendly tips […]


Boost your Church Marketing Success

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3 Reasons SMS can Boost your Church Marketing Success Do you have so many members but no one is reacting to your church marketing efforts? Or worse, have you been noticing that more and more have stopped going to your Sunday services lately? While there could be many reasons behind these problems, one thing is for […]


Restaurant Marketing – Geo-Targeting

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Marketing Restaurant – Geo-Targeting Strategy Geo-targeting is a new restaurant marketing strategy that can drive sales and business growth. It is also permission-based and can be paired with text messaging. In fact, studies have shown that 47% of customers won’t mind receiving location-based text messages. And Papa Murphy’s 17% increase in their redemption rates in 2015 can attest […]


Link Shortener – Create one and use one

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How to create and use a Link Shortener? Ever created a complex URL that you know won’t look good in a text message or even on social media? With a link shortener, you can avoid this mess and create more pleasant-looking content instead. But if you’ve been living under a rock, there are several link […]


Mass SMS VS Social Media Marketing

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Mass SMS VS Social Media Marketing: Which is Best for Business Today? Ever wondered how much impact has mass SMS marketing had in the last few years? How much success a business can achieve in a single campaign, and to an extent, even beat social media marketing? What if you combine both? Results are guaranteed! However, […]


What is SMS?

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What is SMS and how do you get started? Nowadays, if you want to spread your latest promos fast, you should send out mass text messages to your subscribers. It helps you reach your customers fast and easy. No wonder big brands start seeing the potential of SMS marketing as one of the drivers for […]


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