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Create a Strategy on Web SMS that Works! Having a hard time coming up with a strategy on web SMS that will drive real business growth? Who said this would be easy given the fact that businesses have unique needs and goals based on their target industry and target customer. Fortunately, marketing strategies be it mobile, […]


SMS Blast pros and cons

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Did you know that SMS Blast has it’s own cons, too? While a lot of marketers have pointed out the fact that this new strategy can increase ROI, its potential disadvantages can also let you down. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of text marketing and what can you do about […]


How to send bulk SMS

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Learn how to send bulk sms Bulk SMS has never been this convenient with apps and web-based texting platforms. If you ever wondered how to send bulk SMS, you will find the answers in this post. Invite all of your subscribed customers to your grand opening Inform your subscribed customers about specials events Give away […]


SMS Solution

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17 features small businesses can find when using an SMS solution SMS marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing practices that businesses can use to boost customer engagement. A Full-service SMS solution can offer the following features: 1. Email to SMS Send text messages from an email client to your registered recipients. Your email will […]


Text Marketing For Food Trucks

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Proximity Marketing and Geofencing in Text Marketing for Food Trucks Food trucks are always on the move and customers come and go. If customers don’t have a way of knowing where you are, they won’t come to you and that means losing your chance to earn their trust and loyalty. But with the advent of […]


Web Based Texting

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Web Based Texting – How to Send Text messages from a computer Not a fan of prepaid texting? Then there’s web based texting for you. You can use it anywhere, anytime. If you lost your mobile phones now while on a trip, you can send SMS still from an Internet-enabled computer. Isn’t it convenient? So, […]


SMS Website VS SMS Software

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SMS Website versus SMS Software: Which is Best for Your Business? So, you’ve finally decided to give text message marketing a try but got confused between a SMS website and a downloadable SMS software? The basic features that may be available in any SMS platform include but not limited to the following: Contact lists Keywords […]


Mobile Marketing Campaigns

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5 Best Practices to Measure the Success of your Mobile Marketing Campaigns Mobile marketing is a confusing world. There’s no exact way of telling how marketers can measure what they’ve got because they don’t know if they’ve got the real thing in the first place. You’re probably getting obsessed with measuring the success of your […]


Mobile Campaign Strategies

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8 Mobile Campaign Strategies and Tips Any marketing strategy that uses cellular phone technology to reach the target market is called mobile marketing. Under this umbrella term is a branch of different types of mobile campaigns you can use to achieve your goals. If you want to know which type of mobile campaign is best […]


Mobile Text Alerts

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How to get started with mobile text alerts Want to capitalize on the growing number of smartphone users in the US? Then you’re right. Going mobile for sending out special offers, discounts and announcements to customers is the way to go. To help you start off on the right foot, here are the best practices […]


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