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Mass text marketing: best tool for business

One of the biggest tools in the arsenal of businesses that want to expand, grow and bloom during modern times is technology. It has seeped into every aspect of capitalist life and is quickly becoming the center, as businesses heavily rely on it for everything. One of the crucial elements a business needs to have to grow is a massive customer base. In the times of today, one of the easiest, quickest and cost-effective ways to do this is through mass text marketing. Text marketing is the hottest trend of 2018 and is getting picked up by many businesses to further their influence, but what exactly is it?

Also known as SMS marketing, mass text marketing is a communication channel which enables businesses of varying sizes to get in touch with a big cross-section of their subscribers concurrently. Businesses can also set up an auto text reply which makes the two-way communication channel easy to handle. Text message marketing is used by many retailers for advertising. 

It is commonly known that business owners want results from whatever investments they make, customers like saving time and money and everyone reads text messages. Through the use of mass text marketing, businesses can gain a firm footing in the world. Businesses that use this form of marketing report increased traffic, increased offer redemption, elevated brand awareness, and stronger customer engagement. The common benefit of all is the generation of revenue.  

SMS is perfect for marketing because the cell phone is a common amenity, and everyone receives texts. Statistic report that more than 6.3 billion business SMS will be opened read within the first 3 minutes meaning of receiving them. The average person checks their phone 150 plus times a day. Receiving text messages also seems to be a customer preference with 70% of Americans stating that they want to receive updates from their businesses of choice. The success of text marketing is also demonstrated by comparing its success rate to mobile advertising, for example, the chance that an individual will go in store to make a purchase is 2 times higher if the information passed on by an SMS rather than mobile advertising.  

In addition to being successful, there are some other advantages that come with marketing via text. Firstly, it is cost effective.  Sending a text, even when it is to a lot of people does not cost a lot. Sending out a mass text is much more affordable in comparison to other marketing options, such as buying Facebook ads. This makes text marketing a viable option for all businesses but especially small businesses that are starting out and do not have any funds to invest in marketing schemes. It also has fast delivery. It requires no prep time, materials, printing, designing or reaching out to contacts. It simply requires typing a text and sending it, which is quick, efficient and effective. Text marketing services also have features such as picture messaging, which is a way of engaging the customers and up response rates. Also, two-way messaging ensures a connection and communication with subscribers. Furthermore, as people can opt in, they can also opt out of this service. Mass text marketing has innumerable benefits for businesses of all kinds. 


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