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Long Code

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Long code

Long code is a common term for one of the numbers used on an SMS service to send text messages. Regular phone numbers are considered as long codes with 10 digits, shortcodes are shorter with 5 to 6 digits. Long code can be considered as a phone number which is used to make or receive calls and even send text messages. Long code is frequently used by various businesses on certain platforms to communicate with their clients. It can be used to cover various marketing techniques and to maintain a stable contact with customers at all times.


Benefits of long code

Get in touch with everyone at the same time

When it is required to reach a huge amount of people or everyone in the contact list, long code is highly helpful. A company using the long code service can send text messages to all of their clients at the same time. Long code is beneficial to help in SMS marketing for any small or large business in the market. This means that with just one click, a small business can market its product and services through text messages to an entire list of its opted-in subscribers. Not only SMS marketing but also calling and communicating with clients is possible with the use of long code by businesses. For example, if a clothing company wishes to send a text message to an international client, it can do so with the help of a long code or an entire phone number.


Long codes are unique

When sending text messages to clients or making calls, it is important that they recognize the phone number of the business. Long codes help in making sure that the number is different from other competitors in the market so customers know which text message was sent by the company. Customers and clients can save the number or long code in their phones making it easier for the business to remain unique in their eyes. Otherwise, competitors can make calls or send messages to clients with the same number as the business. Long codes help businesses to remain separate from other competitors while also making sure that the clients are aware of the business. If a pizzeria sends texts to its customers through its long code service, the customers can save the number to use it later on. If other pizzerias do send text messages to the same customers, the number of the former will remain different so people can spot the difference.


Quick and inexpensive to use

Long code SMS service is not only easy, but also very fast and cheap. Mass text messaging or bulk text messaging is a part of long code SMS service which is most commonly used for marketing campaigns. When sending out messages in large number, the cost per message tends to decrease, hence making it one of the cheapest methods to market for a business. Long code makes it easier to send the same message to hundreds and thousands of people without having to type the same message each time. Using any SMS application which supports long code or just acquiring the service separately allows a business to compose a message for all its clients. Long code SMS service allows a business to send marketing texts, automated responses, reminders for events, birthday messages or any kind of information to a list of clients. This also makes it easier to categorize clients in lists for sending personalized messages by a company. For example, if a clothing company needs to invite guests to its events through long code SMS, it will categorize clients as VIP, old and new. VIP clients will be sent a special invite as compared to old and new ones without the company having to go through a hassle to separate messages accordingly.


Customers can reply too

Long code texting service helps businesses and companies in maintaining contact and marketing themselves really well. However, it also provides the facility to customers to text to the business on their long code. With the long code of a company being its phone number, customers can save it and recognize it. The company’s number will then be treated as another contact on their phone which they can call or send a message to. Long code thus benefits by allowing customers to send messages for feedback, complaints, and queries. Such a feature allows text messaging for a company to become a two-way communication method and builds a strong relationship between the clients and company. Using a long code, a handicrafts business can reach out to customers to inform them about special items available. The customers can in turn reply, querying regarding prices and availability of products or simply to register a complaint about damaged products being delivered. Such a feature helps a business gain feedback successfully and without any trouble of reaching out to customers.


International access

50% of the traffic on websites tends to be from mobile devices, which is why companies rely so heavily on mobile marketing like SMS marketing. With the long code SMS services being applicable and available globally, it is possible for a company to reach out to international customers. Such an option is highly suitable for businesses which tend to have either international outlets or deliver their products internationally. Marketing on an international scale really boosts the growth and success of a business because of the effort. Moreover, sending text messages to international customers or calling them is also cheaper through long code service rather than regular ones. If a small carpet company delivers its products to international customers, they can easily contact their clients abroad with the help of long code service.


Using keywords with long code

Keywords play an important role in marketing and affecting customers. A Long code service can be used to test the effectiveness of a keyword at any time. Keywords are essentially used to gain collect a clients information and or to grab their attention through attractive words. Long code SMS services can provide you with a certain amount of keywords for your marketing campaigns. This service is not only cheaper to for keyword marketing campaigns but also convenient to use at all times. If a marketing company needs to choose effective keywords, it can promote keywords on flyers, ads and social media using those keywords with the help of long code SMS service to collect customer phone numbers to use on future campaigns. By measuring responses according to each keyword, it can then decide which keywords it wants to use permanently to market itself properly.


Who can use a long code service?

A long code service is a common digital concept globally. Using a regular 10 digit mobile number it can reach people anywhere at normal messaging rates. Companies who wish to keep a small targeted group of customers and employees can use the long code SMS service as a two-way communication to gather or send necessary information at any time. People who are a part of the company, as well as its dealers, vendors and engineers, can use the long code service once provided by the company. For example, a courier company could use long code to message respective customers about the arrival of their packages.


Types of long codes

There are 2 types of long code:

  1. Dedicated long code
  2. Shared long code

In the former type, the number is of the company’s choice, with an unlimited amount of keywords and completes forwarding of traffic. The second type has a chosen number with a restricted amount of keywords. Traffic is forwarded based on keywords. A dedicated long code tends to serve a better purpose to businesses as it comes with extra features and a choice of both number and keywords. Shared long code is helpful for a small group of people who will all be allotted the same number and any text sent or received on it will be stored in a collective database. Most companies prefer dedicated long code because it serves as a better option for communication with clients.



Long code works like any other 10 digit phone number but has amazing benefits for companies who end up using them. With multiple benefits associated with it, long code becomes the desired option for companies and businesses who wish to market themselves successfully without having to pay high costs. Long code allows a two-way communication between the company and the client where the client has the option of responding back. This only becomes possible with the help of long code. Moreover, it has a speed of about text messages per second making it convenient to reach out to hundreds of customers within a short amount of time. It also allows companies to interact with international customers without high costs attached to marketing on a global scale. With other competitors also seeking to market themselves in the market, long code provides of choosing a number for the company which no one else can use. This helps the company in being recognized easily by customers.  Keywords can be tested through long code SMS services where the company can choose a certain amount of keywords. Long code is a solution for text message marketing helping both small and big businesses alike. Many applications now provide this service with added features that help in boosting sales and marketing of a business.


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