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How To Send SMS

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How to send sms to your retail shoppers

Gone are the days when spreading information out to your customer base requires a lot of money. Today, with just little effort and a few dollars, you can keep your customers informed right away.

Thanks to the latest advancements in mobile communications, businesses can now market their products and services to customers through text messaging. And with a 95% open rate, it has become one of the most cost-effective mobile marketing tools for SMEs.

If you want to learn how to send SMS to your target customers, follow these three simple steps.


Set your SMS goals

You probably have a lot of text message marketing ideas in your mind right now. In this case, it’s best to set your goals to know if any of your ideas are perfectly aligned to what you want to achieve.

If you wish to drive a higher amount of traffic on your online store sale event, send an alert that will influence customers to take action.

“Pre-load your cart today before our end-of-season sale day on 07/15! Visit [URL] now. Data rates may apply.”

To increase conversion rates, offer discounts that are appropriate for the event.

“It’s sale day! Get up to 70% off on sale items & enter XTRA to get 20% off on some select items. Visit [URL] to shop now.”


Schedule delivery of text message blast

If you have an upcoming big event, scheduling the delivery of your text blast in advance would help you avoid delays which might cost you some lucrative business opportunities.

This is especially true for nightclubs and retail shops where multiple events are held every year. Mark the date(s) on your calendar, create a content plan, and schedule its posting.


Ask for customer feedback

Is your text message marketing campaign working? Do your customers love it?

“Thank you for participating in our sale event! We’d love to hear your feedback. Please fill out this survey form to rate our service: [URL]”

Their comments and suggestions would mean a lot to your business, especially if you want to make great improvements on your overall customer service.

Ask for their feedback right after the event is over but keep the relationship going by sending out more text blasts in the future.



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