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E Marketing: 15 E Marketing Statistics and Trends that You Should Consider

Need some sense of direction in your E marketing campaign this 2018? Here are some of the most important stats and trends to guide you.


1. The global Internet user population was more than 1 billion as of December 2017, and 3.2 billion of these users also owned a social media account(s).


2. As of April 2018, 8 billion websites occupied the Internet.


3. 87% of internet users now own a smartphone.


4. 81% of online consumers do their own research first before making a purchase.


5. Mobile commerce makes up 30% of all ecommerce markets in the US.


6. The number of businesses that are happy with the conversion rates they’re getting is approximately 22%.


7. There are 100 billion searches made on Google every month, and the click through rate (CTR) for a SERP top ranker on desktop has a 34% CTR while its mobile counterpart only has 31%.


8. On Google, the average word count of articles on the first page result is 1,890


9. Content provided the highest ROI among other SEO tactics according to 73% of marketers.


10. Approximately 80% of internet traffic will be video by 2021, with 1.9 billion users who’ll be watching 3 trillion minutes of video per month.


11. Voice search could be the next big thing as 60% of smartphone owners have learned how to use to it within the last 12 months.


12. Websites will rank higher on Google SERP if they are Mobile-friendly.


13. 69% of email users quickly delete newsletters that are not mobile-friendly.


14. 9%, or $32.17 billion, will be spent on social media and native ads.


15. On average, repeat ecommerce customers spend $52.50, which is twice the amount of how much new customers typically spend.


In general, the Internet is in a healthy state with its ever-growing market and business opportunities. So, if you’re planning to use e marketing to drive sales growth, now is the best time to do it.


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