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Text Message Blast – Sending Tips

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How to Send a Text Message Blast Want to send a text message blast out to a group of customers simultaneously? Text blast marketing is one way to do it. Whether your goal is to raise brand awareness or influence customers to take action, sending a text message blast to multiple people at once will help […]


4 Text Blast Software Tips

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There are times when email marketing campaigns don’t seem to work the way you had planned them in mind. Targeted reach but few people paid attention. Send out announcements and reminders but can’t seem to make them respond to you. Maybe it’s time to change strategies. Or maybe it’s time to try some new methods […]


Event Promoters Should Use Text Blasting

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Why Event Promoters Should Use Text Blasting to Promote Concerts & Festivals Feeling pressured to fill more slots in a limited amount of time? Have you considered sending out a text blast to your prospective guests? You probably have, though, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So, let this article help you understand a few more things […]


Text Blast for nightclubs

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3 Ways a Text Blast can help you make people show up at your nightclub It’s that time of the week again and you are probably excited about adding more guests on your list right now. However, it is not easy to persuade people to come out without anything to motivate them, isn’t it? How […]


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