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Improve the Quality of Your SMS Messages


SMS marketing can be a long tedious process and adding some spice to your sms messages is always a good idea. Imagine your customers receiving the same SMS messages theme over and over again; how’s that for an exciting experience? It can’t always be about implementing campaigns for the heck of it but you should also […]


Mass SMS versus Social Media Marketing

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Mass SMS versus Social Media Marketing: Which is Best for Business Today? Ever wondered how much impact has mass SMS marketing had in the last few years? How much success a business can achieve in a single campaign, and to an extent, even beat social media marketing? What if you combine both? Results are guaranteed! However, […]


What is SMS?

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What is SMS and how do you get started? Nowadays, if you want to spread your latest promos fast, you should send out mass text messages to your subscribers. It helps you reach your customers fast and easy. No wonder big brands start seeing the potential of SMS marketing as one of the drivers for […]


Successful SMS Online marketing campaigns

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4 Tried and Tested Techniques of a Successful SMS online Marketing Campaign Want to implement a successful SMS online marketing campaign but don’t know how? Lucky for you because there are many reasons why you should create a plan for a SMS marketing campaign this year as a part of your overall strategy. One, it’s […]


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