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Short Message Service – 9 Statistics


9 Short Message Service Statistics that You Should Know Short Message Service (SMS) is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to exchange messages from one person to another. No wonder many businesses want to use these benefits to their advantage. But these are not the only benefits you can enjoy from using SMS marketing. In […]


How To Send SMS – Retail


Retail Shops: How to Send SMS Online to Your Shoppers Gone are the days when spreading information out to your customer base requires a lot of money. Today, with just little effort and a few dollars, you can keep your customers informed right away. Thanks to the latest advancements in mobile communications, businesses can now […]


Receive SMS – Online


How to Receive SMS Online from your Customers SMS is a two-way communication channel that you can use to keep in touch with other people. But when used in business, have you ever wondered how you can receive SMS from your customers? Yes, you do have an option to do so. Keeping your SMS facility open […]


MMS VS SMS: Which is Better?

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SMS MMS – Which is Better for Your Business? Are you having a difficult time choosing between MMS vs SMS for your business? How do they differ? Which of the two offers better benefits that will give you that competitive advantage?   MMS Marketing Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) allows you to send texts that may contain […]


Push Notifications VS SMS

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When comparing Push notifications vs SMS a question all businesses ask themselves at one point is if it’s really possible to increase customer engagement with only one of these tools. While it’s true that push notifications and SMS can help you greatly in keeping your customers engaged with your brand, they do have a unique set […]


What is SMS Message?

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Cellular carriers like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile use different types of mobile network technologies to allow its users to send SMS messages and receive text messages. Even if you have a different carrier from that of your friends’ or relatives’, it would still be possible for you to communicate with them seamlessly. An SMS gateway […]


SMS – Timeline and Important Features

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SMS Explained: Timeline and Important Features Created in 1985 by Friedhelm Hillebrand, SMS stands for Short Message Service. It’s a commonly used electronic data application with a goal to exchange short text messages from one mobile phone user to another. However, a text message is limited to 160 characters only, including a number, punctuation mark, space, […]


What is SMS Code?

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If you want to know what is SMS code, you’ve come to the right place. In the US, it’s a 5- to 6-digit phone number that can be used for exchanging short messages and/or two-factor authentication purposes.   Why use a SMS Code Industries like retail, banking, NGOs, and the Internet are usually in need […]


SMS Marketing Solutions: Requirements

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SMS Marketing Solutions: 4 important technical requirements Are you in the process of finding a SMS marketing solutions provider for your first ever campaign? However, you are not sure about the technical requirements you might need to implement your strategies without going over your budget’s limit. Every SMS marketing campaign requires such unique requirements for you […]


SMS Messages – Improve Quality

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Improve the Quality of Your SMS Messages SMS marketing can be a long tedious process and adding some spice to your sms messages is always a good idea. Imagine your customers receiving the same SMS messages theme over and over again; how’s that for an exciting experience? It can’t always be about implementing campaigns for the […]


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