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Appointment reminders

Appointment Reminders

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Appointment Reminders can reduce no-show rates

In the modern life of today, time is scarce and life is demanding. The clash between availability of time and all of life’s chores for attention is an ongoing process. Over-taxed schedules hinder everyone’s ability to keep track of scheduled appointments. Countless appointments go forgotten and fall unnoticed into the black hole of the chaos of modern life. However, in tandem with modernity came technology. In the technology-driven life of today, the solution to forgotten appointments lies in appointment reminders, whether they be over text, email or voice messages.

The benefits of using appointment reminders are numerous. Text messages have reported open rates of 90% and response rates of 70%. Many appointment reminder services claim that less than 5% of scheduled appointments are canceled after clients receive a reminder. Such statistics show that people are much more responsive to reminders of scheduled appointments if they are made via quick services such as SMS. Secondly, automated reminders bring in a host of other benefits for business owners. For one, it eliminates one item off a business owner’s checklist. Busy schedules are what drive appointment text reminders, and a business owner has an endless list of tasks to deal with. Taking out time to ring up a list of clients is simply too time-consuming. Use of reminders in the form of text, email or voice takes off one task from the to-do list. Furthermore, it also ensures that the support staff engages in work that utilizes resources such as time efficiently and in a manner that drives revenue rather than manual tasks that simply consume valuable time.  In addition, appointment reminders reduce the risk of no-shows and prevent accumulation of lost opportunities in the form of a client who could have been a potential returning client or someone who could have filled in the empty space. Appointment text reminders can reduce such losses by up to 90%. Furthermore, cancellations in these cases are made, not simply forgotten. Availability of such a service makes it easier to make any cancellation in a timely manner. This is beneficial for business owners as they can fill up empty slots or simply make more productive use of their time rather than wasting it waiting for someone who does not show up. Moreover, email, voice and SMS appointment reminders are client friendly. These ensure that a client’s day won’t be disrupted because of calls. Also, email, voice messages, and texts are accessible through the cell phone. Therefore, such reminders are on the go and don’t require clients to be near the house phone or computer. SMS Appointment reminders are also a way to build a healthy relationship with a client as it creates consistency and establishes a reliable customer service, which is bound to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The use of appointment reminders is not limited to corporate business appointments only. These can be used by healthcare facilities to remind patients of appointments, schools to set up parent-teacher meetings or other businesses such as salons to remind clients of scheduled hair appointments in advance.


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