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June 2018

E Marketing

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15 E Marketing Statistics and Trends that You Should Consider Need some sense of direction in your E marketing campaign this 2018? Here are some of the most important stats and trends to guide you.   1. The global Internet user population was more than 1 billion as of December 2017, and 3.2 billion of these users […]


Text Message Blast

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How to Send a Text Message Blast Want to send a text message blast out to a group of customers simultaneously? Text blast marketing is one way to do it. Whether your goal is to raise brand awareness or influence customers to take action, sending a text message blast to multiple people at once will help […]


Marketing Campaign

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How to Improve Your Marketing Campaign? You’ve been running a marketing campaign for some time now but it seems like you’re not making any progress. If you’re trying to learn how to improve your marketing campaign, pay attention to these tips.   Create buyer personas A buyer persona represents your ideal group of customers. You […]


Text to Join

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What Is Text to Join? Marketers use a text to join campaign to build a contact list for their SMS marketing campaigns. For this to work, marketers must customize a keyword and a 5 to 6-digit shared short code will be provided to you by your text message marketing service. Text to join works by […]


How to send a mass text

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How to Send A Mass Text for Small Businesses Mass text services makes it easy for small businesses to send a mass text and communicate with their customers. Who would have thought that a 160-character SMS could be enough to influence people to take action? Recent studies have shown that brands that have “texted a […]


Bar Promotion Ideas & Tips

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Bar Promo Ideas and Tips Running a bar can be overwhelming but to run it without a marketing manager or promoter? Surely even harder. This is why having unique bar promotion ideas that work, driving more foot traffic to your bar will help solve some of your money-making problems. Not only will it help you last […]



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SMS MMS – Which is Better for Your Business? Are you having a difficult time choosing between MMS vs SMS for your business? How do they differ? Which of the two offers better benefits that will give you that competitive advantage?   MMS Marketing Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) allows you to send texts that may contain […]


Group Text Tips and Features

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Group Text Message Would you rather send a Group Text to reach all of your subscribed customers at once or would you rather text all them one-by-one? Group texting has a number of etiquette rules everyone should follow to keep things under control. Group text offers a lot of ways to reach your subscribed customers. So, […]


Text Message Marketing Software

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How Can Banks Use A Text Message Marketing Software? Though simple, a text message marketing software has a lot of uses and benefits that are proven effective in boosting not only client interaction but also internal communication. Banks can now easily send important notifications, SMS promo alerts, and auto-responders to its clients in real-time. To give you […]


Short Code Texting

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Short Code Text Messages Want to make it easier for your subscribed customers to hear from you? Short code texting should be right up your alley. Short code texting is a 5- to 6-digit phone number through which you can send subscribers text messages. It is also most commonly used for campaigns like text to join […]


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