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April 2018

Mobile Marketing Strategy – Get Started

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How to get Started with Building a Mobile Marketing Strategy Giving up on your mobile marketing strategy? If you want to start over, now is the perfect time to do it because everyone is going mobile these days. You’re probably reading this on your smartphone! And this is becoming more and more common as people […]


How To Send A Mass Text

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How To Send A Mass Text For Nightclub and Bars Lots of VIPs to invite to your upcoming special nightclub event? Text messaging is one of the fastest ways to get your message across but if you don’t know how to send a mass text, here are some fun ways to do it!   1. […]


4 Text Marketing Software Features

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Can’t make up your mind on which text marketing software to use? Choosing your first software is like shopping for new clothes. Just when you think you’ve got all you need with one product, a better one comes along. However, everything boils down to which software has the features (and benefits) that can help you achieve […]


Mobile SMS Marketing Code of Conduct

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Are you new to mobile SMS marketing and want to play by the rules? Want to build instant trust and credibility with your customers? Just like any other marketing programs, SMS carries some issues that require a certain level of control by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). With that, MMA has developed a five-element Code […]


SMS Business Marketing – Track Metrics

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3 Best Metrics to Track Your SMS Business Marketing Success SMS business marketing is one of the best methods you can generate direct responses from customers. Once you manage to collect subscribers, you have access to a two-way communication channel that allows you to send and receive text messages to-from mobile devices. But if you don’t […]


Bulk SMS Campaign Ideas for Schools

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Information technology has found its way to the education industry. From access to online profiles, online submissions to distance learning, computing and sharing data across different levels of the organization has never been this easy. But you know that your communications system can be improved greatly if you had a bulk SMS campaign in place to create […]


SMS Marketing Solutions: Requirements

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SMS Marketing Solutions: 4 important technical requirements Are you in the process of finding a SMS marketing solutions provider for your first ever campaign? However, you are not sure about the technical requirements you might need to implement your strategies without going over your budget’s limit. Every SMS marketing campaign requires such unique requirements for you […]


SMS Messages – Improve Quality

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Improve the Quality of Your SMS Messages SMS marketing can be a long tedious process and adding some spice to your sms messages is always a good idea. Imagine your customers receiving the same SMS messages theme over and over again; how’s that for an exciting experience? It can’t always be about implementing campaigns for the […]


Marketing Trends 2018

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Chatbots, Live Stories and other Marketing Trends that will Rock your 2018 Ready to ditch some marketing trends that didn’t work in your marketing campaign last year? If so, here are the 5 newest trends to watch out for in 2018.   1. Content is still King Are your media properties valuable and relevant enough […]


Getting started with internet marketing

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If you’re new to internet marketing, getting started can be confusing with so many things to read and remember. But you’re creative and you love the idea of sharing valuable content with your target customers. So, there’s no stopping you but think for a second. You can’t just go into this with eyes closed. You […]


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