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February 2018

SMS Text Works

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5 Case Studies that Prove SMS Text Works SMS text is a relatively new marketing tool in the Enterprise to Person (E2P) landscape. It started to gain momentum a few years ago after smaller businesses have seen how much success Fortune 500 companies have achieved through SMS text marketing. To give you an idea on […]


Text Messaging Software

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5 Tips to Choose the Right Text Messaging Software Provider for You How do you know that you’ve found the right text messaging software for your business? How can you tell the difference between a specialist and a multi-purpose SMS marketing solution? These are just some of the questions you may have in your mind right […]


Mobile SMS: The Best Marketing Tool


Mobile SMS Ever wonder about what other tools you can use to strengthen your email marketing campaigns? There’s social media and blog sites to generate leads from but the advertising costs can go over your limit sometimes. But not with mobile SMS. It is cheap, user-friendly and spam-free. Plus, 68.4% of the US population own […]


4 Text Blast Software Tips

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There are times when email marketing campaigns don’t seem to work the way you had planned them in mind. Targeted reach but few people paid attention. Send out announcements and reminders but can’t seem to make them respond to you. Maybe it’s time to change strategies. Or maybe it’s time to try some new methods […]


Mobile Short Code – What is it?

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Mobile Short Code You’ve probably seen short codes on your TV screen but didn’t know it has a name. When TV contests like “America’s Got Talent” asks you to vote for your favorite performer, you will see a 5-6-digit mobile code to send your votes to. For example, “To vote for Ava, text AVA to […]


Event Promoters Should Use Text Blasting

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Why Event Promoters Should Use Text Blasting to Promote Concerts & Festivals Feeling pressured to fill more slots in a limited amount of time? Have you considered sending out a text blast to your prospective guests? You probably have, though, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So, let this article help you understand a few more things […]


SMS Marketing campaigns – Tanning Salon

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How to get customers on your SMS Marketing Campaigns for Tanning Salons? If you’re new to SMS marketing, you may not get a lot of action in the first few weeks on your sms marketing campaign, especially if you have a rather small client pool. But there’s a way to get out of this slump. […]


Text message marketing – Gym

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Text message marketing for Gyms Winter doesn’t always make it easy for people to motivate themselves to work out. Days are cold, gloomy and damp so many would rather be a couch potato than hit the gym on weekends. But in the next few months, gym rats, dieters and those who simply wish to lose […]


3 ways to use Text Marketing for your bar

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It’s fun and exciting to see more and more new guests lining up at your bar. But attracting the new ones and keeping long-term clients interested requires different strategies. This is where text marketing comes in. It’s a tool that allows you to organize your contact list, schedule text blasts and send/receive SMS messages. Everybody […]


Text Message Advertising – Realtors

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3 Smart Ways to Reach Millennial Home Buyers through Text Message Advertising Realtors have seen this coming. As more and more millennials become employed, many are now able to afford taking out home loans. Forecasts made by have shown that millennials will represent 43% of home buyers in 2018, 3% up from 40% last […]


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